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Businesses looking to apply D3O solutions
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Businesses looking to apply D3O solutions:

Has your company got a potential application for a new or existing D3O solution? Please complete this enquiry form below. We will send you some questions once this is completed. Why do we need the answers? We offer “ingredient” materials, each developed for specific applications and environments.
Tell us what you would like to achieve so we can understand your requirements, and make sure this does not clash with our current brand or partner products.

Need further guidance to complete the form? Check out our product solutions here.

Once your enquiry has been assessed you will be introduced to a dedicated business development manager based on location and sector.

Any FAQs or model answers which could be uploaded here to answer common questions.

Jobs at D3O:

Press and media enquiries
Email: louise.wilson@D3O.com

Buying D3O material
Where can I buy D3O protective products or garments with D3O products?

1. For customers in North America: buy D3O shoe insoles or TRUST elbow pads or external and internal knee pads, directly from Tactical Distributors

2. Buy directly from our partner brands:

Information for schools, colleges and universities

Due to an extremely high number of enquiries, we are unable to respond to student/teacher requests and cannot respond to emails.

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