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The D3O® Fitted Standard Knuckle Protector offers low profile, ergonomic protection and increased durability. Passes EN13594 Level 2 (motorcycle glove standard).

The D3O® Standard Knuckle Protectors offer great protection and performance in extreme temperatures. These are made out of the D3O® Shock+ material and are popular in all markets.

The D3O® Pre-Curved Knuckle Protector has also passed EN13594 Level 2. The high performing D3O® XT material ensures a soft and flexible shock absorbing knuckle that combines comfort with impact protection.

The D3O® Pro Knuckle Protector is pre-curved for a perfect fit. Constructed using high performing D3O® XT material, the Pro Knuckle Protector also features a smart skin TPU coating for added durability.

  • Features D3O’s patented technology
  • High performing impact protection
  • Soft
  • Flexible
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