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All D3O CE Certified Parts are assessed and certified by SATRA Technology centre, a UKAS accredited test house and European Notified Body.

D3O CE certified back protector

These meet the EN 1621-2 CE standard and the testing includes placing a component on a 150mm radius dome, then impact is applied with a kerb stone striker. To pass Level 1 the component must on average transmit less than 18kN with no value exceeding 24kN. For Level 2 average transmission is less than 9kN with no value exceeding 12kN. The D3O CE certified back components exceed these requirements for both levels.
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D3O CE certified limb protectors

These meet the EN 1621-1 CE standard and the testing includes placing a component on a hemispherical dome, which represents a limb, then impact is applied with a flat striker. The protector passes the test when the average transmitted force is less than 35kN and no value exceeding 50kN. The D3O CE certified components exceed these requirements. Continuing to lead the way in impact protection, we now offer components that exceed the new provisional standard, prEN 1621-1: 2011.

Testing Standards

The majority of the standard D3O components are CE certified, meeting EU directive requirements, including: coverage area, absence of harmful substances, clear user information, accurate labelling and impact protection. The latter is measured by peak force transmitted through a component, when 1m area is met with a 5kg mass dropped onto it. The CE certified D3O limb protectors meet the EN1621-1 standard, while the D3O back protectors meet the EN1621-2 standard.
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Test Houses

The first stage of testing for any development, whether material or product based, is to test it in-house at D3O Lab. We ensure stringent test conditions to replicate external test houses as closely as possible. The D3O lab tests are then verified by independent labs to warrant authorised recognition of the D3O components. These labs also perform tests which cannot be done in-house such as cyclic loading. D3O work with SATRA, HPE, Inspec, MERL, NPL, BSI and Oeko Tex.
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