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D3O offers a range of smart, rate sensitive materials – the stress vs. strain characteristics are dependent on the rate of loading. This means that the faster the impact, the greater the resistance to the force.

Using D3O’s patented and propriety technologies, we have engineered a portfolio of materials with a variety of production processes. Each formulation is developed to meet the specific needs of diverse market places and a wide range of product applications.

Our current materials portfolio falls into four groups: Set Foams (SF), Formable Foams (FF), Set Elastomers (SE) and Formable Elastomers (FE).


D3O® Set Foams

The D3O® Set Foam portfolio offers the ultimate in soft, flexible impact protection and includes a number of D3O’s established material grades including: ST, XT, Shock+, Decell, Pulse and Aero.

D3O® Set Foam solutions are developed for markets where high energies are experienced.

Recommended Applications:
PPE / Military / Footwear / Sport / Electronics / Motorcycle

D3O® Formable Foams

The D3O® Formable Foam range includes D3O® LITE and offers low density, comfortable and temperature stable cushioning and protection. The added benefit of D3O® Formable Foam is that it can be re-shaped to offer a versatile solution for a wide range of applications. Ideal for lower impact energies.

Recommended Applications:
PPE / Military / Footwear / Sport

D3O® Set Elastomers NEW!

D3O® Set Elastomer grades can be engineered into structures and designs that offer unrivalled shock absorption and achieve a thinner more detailed impact protection layer.

D3O® Set Elastomers are strong and versatile. They can be used in various products and applications, particularly those where low profile or flexibility in the cold are important.

Recommended Applications:
PPE / Military / Footwear / Sport

D3O® Formable Elastomers NEW!

With similar impact protection and shock absorption capabilities to D3O® Set Elastomer offering, the D3O® Formable Elastomer range has been developed to be compatible with injection moulding or similar processes.

Recommended Applications:
Electronics / Footwear / Sport

Platform Technologies


D3O® ECO is our first recycled and breathable material. Permeable to air, it blends excess D3O® PU textiles with our advanced polymer chemistry to create a versatile product that still maintains D3O’s shock absorbing and impact protection properties.

The lightweight material, available in large sheets and a range of thicknesses, can be die cut to specific sizes and also thermoformed into a chosen shape or design.

Recommended Applications:
PPE / Military / Footwear / Sport / Electronics / Motorcycle

D3O® Smart Skin

D3O® Smart Skin allows us to achieve lightweight and low profile impact protection layer that can be directly applied to fabrics such as base layers or gloves, worn beneath an outer garment.

D3O® set foams are encased within a thin layer that provides excellent impact protection, surface finish, colour options and water resistance.

Available in a range of existing shapes or in bespoke geometry developed specifically for a particular application, customers can apply D3O® Smart Skin garments wherever they need protection.

Recommended Applications:
PPE / Military / Footwear / Sport / Electronics / Motorcycle

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