Rukka is a highly technical and forward-thinking motorcycle apparel brand, committed to providing high performance motorcycling outfits and accessories that support their mantra of defence and comfort.

They incorporate D3O® and other premium technologies into their products to deliver the best comfort, style and protection for riders.

Rukka D3O® Air XTR Limbs

Before working with D3O, Rukka utilised RVP design, their own rubber-type protection material, for their limb protectors.

Hannu Malinen, Rukka Brand Manager, said: “Rukka approached D3O as we were looking for a material that could offer a better fit, softness and comfort level for our riders, while also passing and exceeding the CE standard.

“D3O also opened up the ability to design and service new products, such as knuckles, chest and back protectors.”

The first Rukka and D3O® Air limbs were commercialised in 2011 and have supported Rukka’s mantra of ‘Defence & Comfort’. Since launch, the limb protectors have become a leader in the market place.

The Approach

Rukka approached D3O to design the next generation of the original Rukka Air Limbs by improving the fit and comfort of the armour.

D3O and Rukka designers began working together to improve on the pre-curvature and breathability of the limb protectors.

The task for the D3O design team was a difficult one as the new limbs were pushing the boundaries of what current tooling methods and materials allowed.

The geometry and increased ventilation demands also posed a challenge for performance. It was important that the new parts continued to pass ambient and wet conditions for EN1621-1.

In total the D3O design team created 28 iterations, sharing these with Rukka’s team in Finland to evaluate the fit and placement on the garment.

The Solution

The Rukka D3O® Air XTR protectors offer the best impact protection, with improved comfort and breathability thanks to the new material composition and unique ergonomical design.

Rukka have also adopted the CP1 and LP1 into their standard range to offer riders a greater variety of limb and chest protection.

After many thousands of kilometres of riding, the feedback from Rukka’s worldwide network of test riders has been very positive.

Malinen: “We’re very pleased with how the limbs perform. We’re excited for all of our customers to be able to benefit from this enhanced protection and comfort.”

Key Success Factors

  • CE Level 2 certification – ambient, wet and cold
  • Highly ventilated geometry to increase airflow while riding
  • Unique ergonomical design for improved fit and comfort


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