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The Trauma Reduction and Unrivalled Shock Technology (TRUST) Vest represents an evolution of the D3O® offering. Combining new materials and technologies, this protective undergarment boasts a lightweight, low profile base layer of blunt trauma protection.

Developed to pass the 20/07:HOSDB Blunt Trauma Protector standard, the TRUST Vest combines unrivalled flexibility with enhanced protection powered by D3O®.

D3O recognised a market need for a protective garment aimed at minimizing the risk of injury to the limbs and torso from low-velocity blunt trauma impacts, such as those caused by hand-thrown missiles and hand wielded weapons.

The lightweight and breathable TRUST Vest is powered by D3O® technologies and perfectly balances a low profile system that still provides the user with confidence that they are wearing the ultimate in impact protection.


  • Features D3O® proprietary technology
  • Tested to 20/07:HOSDB standard
  • Features a flame-resistant fabric
  • Advanced impact protection
  • Fully breathable
  • Low profile

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