Global impact protection leader, D3O, has published the second issue of Impact Magazine – a brand new thought leadership publication – which focuses on key issues around impact protection in the fast-growing consumer technology industry.

The magazine’s central piece, written by specialist consumer technology journalist David Phelan, delves into the significance of the military standard for impact protection within the ever-changing handheld electronics space. Phelan discusses the current state-of-play regarding the market’s relationship with military standards, where providing evidence of testing against drops/shocks is becoming increasingly vital for smartphone & tablet case manufacturers in their drive to assure quality through credibility.

The second edition resumes the series’ spotlight on insights into the future of shock absorption, with a host of content surrounding the role of impact protection in sport. Issue 02 includes a two-page article, “Head First”, that addresses developments in helmet technology specifications. The article looks at the growing importance of helmet protection in reducing the risks of traumatic brain injury in sports and defence.
In another section, Supersport world champion and 2017 Moto GP rider, Sam Lowes, speaks to Impact Magazine about performing to his maximum output while keeping safe on the track:

“At the qualifying session, two-tenths of a second over a minute and 40 can separate first and fifth place – so you’re looking for every little advantage in every area. It’s a fine balance between being as protected as I can be and being able to ride the bike as well as I can.” –Sam Lowes.

To read the full issue, click here.