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D3O has a spirited, dynamic and creative team that truly believes in its patented impact protection technologies and the role the company plays as a solutions provider. The team is diverse, with each team member bringing something different to the day-to-day running of the company.

If you want to be part of a growing team, check out the opportunities below. If none are listed, come back soon or feel free to send us a copy of your CV.


Product Design Engineer

We are looking for a Product Design Engineer to support product developments, taking them from conception through to production. This will include research, planning, idea generation, 2D rendering and presentation, 3D CAD development, prototyping, testing, analysis, tooling and manufacturing reviews.

Laboratory Technician

We are looking for Laboratory Technician to join the company’s Material Development team based in Croydon, UK. Reporting to the company’s CTO, the candidate will be responsible for conducting sample production, laboratory experimentation and characterisation, and providing proficient experimental support to research staff and product designers/developers.