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D3O makes trusted, high performance protection products for global organizations and some of the world’s biggest brands across both consumer and PPE sectors. Our headquarters and global innovation centre is located in London, UK, with operating bases in North America and the Far East.


D3O® technologies protect in some of the world’s toughest testing grounds and arenas, from soldiers to professional athletes, industrial workers and people like us.

We work with our global partners to create:

  • Trusted ingredient technologies for impact protection
  • Superior protection solutions
  • Unique patented and proprietary technologies

Our team of engineers, chemists, product designers and industry experts are committed to producing market-defining products that offer unmatched impact protection and shock absorption.


The D3O Lab in London is a state-of-the-art laboratory with facilities to take products and material solutions through from initial concepts to full-scale production.  

All new products and materials are tested extensively and evaluated in-house at each stage in the development process. Our on-site capabilities include material formulation, CNC tooling, rapid prototyping and micro-operations for samples


Our material scientists carefully formulate polymer blends to achieve specific properties such as temperature stability, abrasion resistance or flexibility.

The D3O® material range includes more than 30 different formulations, with each one developed to meet the specific needs of diverse marketplaces and a wide range of product applications.

Download our D3O Sheet Overview & Material Matrix to view available sheet products and see a visual comparison of the full range of D3O® materials and the attributes.

Our award-winning technology

"A futuristic flexible material"