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D3O® Bio is the world's leading clear plant-based impact protection material.

Providing the same protection D3O is renowned for, D3O® Bio saves on fossil-based resources and can be used in both crystal-clear and colour products.

D3O® Bio helps reduce water consumption and allows for sustainable waste management, offering the ability to recycle material waste from the production process directly back into it, avoiding post-industrial waste. 

Compatible with injection moulding or similar processes and currently used for the protection of consumer electronics, D3O® Bio is the solution to protect devices, people and planet. 

Key features:

  • Same trusted D3O® Protection 
  • Suitable for clear and colour products
  • Leading plant-based content 
  • Made from renewable resources 
  • Optimal and consistent melt flow TPE grade for trouble-free, high-quality moulding