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D3O® Impact Print™ (iP) integrates protection and fabric more seamlessly than ever before.

Complete design freedom

D3O® iP™ allows complete design freedom, enabling production of D3O® parts with greater detail and complexity than ever before. The process behind this material technology means that complex, fractured and tactical surfaces, previously not achievable with traditional manufacturing methods, are now possible.

The extreme design freedom of D3O® iP™ means you can couple protection with muscle support, adding tension when and where it is needed. The garment and protector are no longer separate.

Unrivalled flexibility

D3O® iP™ produces the most flexible protection on the market. As the protective geometry does not need to be inter-linked; flexibility of the part is defined only by the substrate.

D3O® iP™ produces parts which can be created fully trimmed, with a defined flange or as much excess substrate as needed for easy integration. The part can even be printed without a substrate backing if required.

Key Features:

  • Vast geometry options
  • Reliable bonding on diverse substrates
  • Accurate and intricate details for form or function
  • Wall thickness and heights can range from as low as 0.5mm up to 20mm
  • Geometry can be tuned to create desired stiffness
  • Build a visual technology story by exposing the protection

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