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D3O® Zero™ is the first recycled grade D3O impact protective material. D3O® Zero™ is created by recycling surplus material from D3O factories.

Like those original D3O materials, D3O® Zero™ can be incorporated into athletic headgear, padded gloves, and other products to offer maximum impact protection, while working towards zero waste.

D3O® Recycled Foams comprises two grades of D3O® Zero™ materials and are the latest material innovation from the impact protection experts at D3O. D3O® Zero™ has been designed to protect the things that matter while innovating the manufacturing process to reduce waste. This new, recycled protective solution is suitable for a range of applications. 

Available in four thicknesses and two densities, D3O® Zero™ can be easily die cut or thermoformed, enabling simple integration into your product range.

To create D3O® Zero™, surplus D3O® material from D3O factories is ground down and mixed with new foams, and the mixture is shaped into large cylindrical bales of D3O® Zero™. Next, D3O skives sheets in various thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 10mm for customers. The material can then be die cut or thermoformed to suit various protective applications.