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CP1 L1

The D3O® CP1 L1 chest protector features a low-profile, optimised material and new geometry combination to provide maximum ventilation and protection for the 2-wheel market. Its winged, tapered design offers additional rib protection and discreet integration into jackets.


  • D3O® patented technology
  • Certified to exceed the performance requirements of EN 1621-3:2018 Level 1,
    including optional cold test at -10°C
  • Ventilation offering superior breathability
  • Available in full chest or divided chest
  • Modular component system
  • Winged design
  • Type B offering maximum coverage

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Product Data Sheets

CP1 L1

Tom Pearson, D3O Product Designer

“This is the first protector we’ve made with this level of ventilation. It was a complex development but we’ve ended up with a product which is unmatched in the current market.

We sent early concepts out to potential motorcycle and mountain bike customers and the feedback was, almost unanimously from everyone, more ventilation. It’s clearly the way the market is going but a lot of the options out there are still too stiff and heavy.

Many protective pads claim to have improved breathability but only have four or five holes in them. You still end up with a solid slab of material pressed up against you when you’re on the bike, but that’s not the case with not with the CP1.

We tailored the geometry for maximum ventilation, keeping it thin and flexible but also retaining the high level of impact protection people expect from D3O.”