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LP2 Pro

The D3O® LP2 Pro is the most advanced, breathable armour for motorcycle and mountain bike, certified to the highest level of impact protection – CE Level 2.

The full range includes knee, hip, elbow and shoulder pads, all of which are CE certified to Level 2 for ambient, wet, hot and cold conditions.

Product features:

  • Highly ventilated geometry
  • CE certified to EN1621-1:2012
  • Level 2 protection in ambient, wet, hot and cold conditions
  • Soft and flexible

Product Data Sheets

LP2 Pro

D3O Principal Designer Adam Turvey: “The LP1 raised the bar in the CE Level 1 protection range by adding maximum breathability and additional protection when in hot conditions.

“High levels of humidity are strongly linked to rider discomfort. This can cause dangers on the road or track, with potential losses in concentration heightening the risk of accidents.

“When independently tested the LP1 was proven to offer 45% improved breathability in comparison to other limb protectors, however LP1 is focused on being super low profile and therefore only passes CE Level 1 in all conditions.

“The LP2 has been designed to pass the highest level of protection for motorcycle protectors in all conditions, including hot and cold.”