The D3O® Impact Additive is a pioneering ingredient designed to revolutionise back-of-hand TPR impact performance.

TPR is widely adopted by glove manufacturers for construction, automotive and oil and gas industries. Traditionally, increased protection is achieved with thicker or stiffer parts, which have a negative effect on comfort and dexterity.

The new D3O® Impact Additive combines advanced polymer chemistry that can be blended into existing processing and manufacturing techniques, delivering unmatched impact protection properties to traditional TPR.

Key features and benefits

  • Safer – TPR containing the D3O® Impact Additive offers a reduction in peak transmitted force of up to 34%, compared to a TPR sample of the same type, thickness and geometry.
  • Thinner – TPR plastisol enhanced with the D3O® Impact Additive can match the impact protection of standard TPR, while being 34% thinner.
  • Stable – Improved temperature stability in extreme hot and cold conditions offering greater dexterity and comfort without compromising on performance.

Improved speed to market

Our Impact Additive offers access to D3O’s leading protection technologies and is easily blended with existing plastisol during production. Intricate moulding designs can also be achieved to improve the look and feel of new gloves.

Customers can gain greater control over manufacturing through a brand-new licensing material supply business model.

Please email [email protected] for more information on our supply chain model.

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