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How Science is transforming industrial safety

Developments in materials science are continuing to push the boundaries, particularly when it comes to industrial workwear and personal protective equipment.

Issue 04 of Impact has a special report on the latest high-performance developments being put to use in the PPE sector, including how the new D3O Impact Additive is delivering a 30 per cent improvement in impact protection for TPR.

Michael Dunlop – How to build a bike racer

Road racing star Michael Dunlop has 15 victories at the Isle of Man TT. He is also the first rider to ever complete a lap of the 37-mile circuit in under 17 minutes.

Going that fast requires a huge amount of talent and having the right kit. Issue 04 of Impact includes a special “How to build a bike racer” feature, examining the head-to-toe protection Michael uses during the TT and other races.

Michael Dunlop Isle of Man TT

Impact protection for gloves

The revised European glove standard (EN 388) now includes a test for knuckles protectors, but is the United States moving towards introducing something similar?

Take a look at what industry experts in the U.S had to say about that, including an update on research being done by the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA).

Brian Lunniss

“We used to wear white cotton gloves imported from Japan. Some mechanics wore baseball batting gloves for pitstops… They weren’t even sold in pairs! You had to buy separate left hands and right hands.”

Brian Lunniss know what mechanics need when it comes to gloves. After a career working with motocross and NASCAR champions, he is now Research and Development Director at Mechanix Wear in California.

He spoke to Impact Magazine to discuss how Mechanix’s “The Original” gloves became popular at the Daytona 500, with US Navy Seals and continues to develop today.

Designing for success

How do D3O’s high-performance, impact protection solutions move from a design and the lab to the cutting edge of sports? Issue 04 includes an insight into the work of Product Designer Oliver Sunnucks, including how new knowledge on brain injuries is changing new helmet designs.