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Michael Dunlop

The Isle of Man TT returns at the end of May and we have teamed up with one of the event’s biggest stars.

Michael Dunlop has 13 TT wins to his name and rode the fastest-ever lap around the course at the 2016 event. The 27-year-old, who wears D3O back and limb protectors in his Furygan race suit, has become an official brand ambassador.

You can read an exclusive extract form his bestselling autobiography Road Racer in the new issue of Impact Magazine.

Concussion in contact sports

Are widely-publicised cases of concussion turning children and their parents away from contact sports?

Award-winning author and journalist Amit Katwala examines whether health worries are putting the long-term future of sports like American Football and Ice Hockey at risk.

Hear exactly what the risks are from taking part in contact sports, plus what leading designers and manufacturers are doing to make things safer.

Feet first

Your feet are made up of 33 separate joints, more than 100 tendons, muscles and ligaments and account for almost a quarter of all your bones. They are incredibly complex but we tend to only realise the importance of looking after them once something has gone wrong.

Whether you play sports or need foot protection to keep you safe at work, Impact takes a look at some of the latest product developments and innovations that aim to help you avoid an injury.

Safety on the Slopes

How dangerous are skiing and snowboarding? A recent study from the US found the risk of injury on the slopes is 15 times greater than spending one hour driving a car.

The good news is that advances in technology are helping to reduce the effects of collisions. The number of US skiers and snowboarders wearing helmets has also increased by 70% since 2003.

Impact spoke to SCOTT Sports, who received a gold award for their new Symbol 2 Plus D helmet, about setting new standards for safety on the mountain.

An insight into innovation

“Innovation must be presented as not solely about making a profit – it could be a way to open up a new market, disrupt a market or enhance brand reputation.”

What makes an idea a good idea? How do you turn that good idea into a great business? Download the latest issue of Impact Magazine to see tips from GEAR4’s Alastair Kingsland and D3O Chief Executive Stuart Sawyer on making a success of innovation.