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D3O® caters to a unique breed: the trailblazers, optimists, and leaders of industry who thrive on defying convention. It is meticulously crafted for risk takers, those bold individuals who push past expectations and inch towards legendary.

We understand that performance demands nuance and audacity. In a world full of innovation and athletic achievement, D3O is committed to empowering individuals unencumbered by the fear of limitations.

D3O® is not just a brand; it is a partner for those who seek to redefine what's possible. 

Trusted Impact Protection

Every new D3O® technology starts life in the D3O Lab and goes through hours of development and testing. Nothing leaves the building until we know it is up to the job. 


Since our days as a startup, D3O® technology has been recognised as a game-changer by leading awards and organizations. 


D3O® technology has been featured online, on TV and in print by the world's biggest media titles and companies. 

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