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Whether you love watching or getting out on the track yourself (or both!) there’s nothing quite like the thrill of watching motorsports live. Motorcycle racing is one of the most high-octane sports out there to spectate - the sound of the engines and the crowd creates an amazing atmosphere. 

If you’re keen to see some world-class racing or even take to the track yourself on open days, we’ve rounded up 8 of our favorite tracks in the US for motorcycle racing. 

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1. Daytona International Speedway, Florida

The home of NASCAR racing, the Daytona International Speedway is famous for the Daytona 500. Competitors race around the track, completing 500 miles to be crowned winner. The classic oval track lets racers get side by side for some high speed action, while the endurance element of the Daytona 500 tests drivers and their machines to the max. 

For motorcyclists, there is the Motorcycle Course that forms part of the Daytona Speedway. This 12 turn, 3-mile course (4.75km) takes in part of the oval track while allowing for some great fast corners too, including a hair-raising horseshoe turn. 

These kinds of tight corners are where riders put their motorcycle pants to the test, with knee protection coming close to the track. The extra flexibility of D3O® armor allows riders the freedom of movement to help them score a safe overtake.

It’s on this track you can see AMA Superbike races. During Daytona Beach Bike Week, you can watch Motocross and the AMA Supercross Championship.

During Daytona’s Fall Cycle Scene, you get the chance to ride some of the newest bikes on the market from top manufacturers, and all you need to do is bring your helmet and license to take a test ride. 

2. Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indiana

When the town itself is called Speedway, you know that this has to be a spiritual home for racing and motorsport. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is famous for the Indy500, NASCAR, and formerly hosted the United States Formula One Grand Prix (until 2004). 

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway was constructed in 1909 and is the third oldest purpose built race track in the world. Since then, it has evolved to become the home of speed in the US, from world championships in F1 through to MotoGP. 

There is a series of complex corners to really test riders’ skills, and the infamous ‘Snake Pit’ is well known as an overtaking spot which fans eagerly watch. The course was modified in 2014 to improve racing, making it more open and flowing.

3. Laguna Seca Raceway, California

Laguna Seca is up there as one of the exciting race tracks in the world. The Corkscrew downhill turn is famous as one of motorsports’ most challenging corners to tackle. Laguna Seca also features the Andretti Hairpin, an intense double corner, and the Rainey Curve, named after Grand Prix motorcycle racing World Champion Wayne Rainey. 

The US arm of the World Superbike Championship is held at Laguna Seca, as is the MotoAmerica Superbike Speedfest. With 11 turns over 2.4 miles of track and 180 feet of elevation change, watching racing at Laguna Seca never gets boring. If there was ever a track made to show off the protective abilities of D3O® motorcycle armor, it’s got to be Laguna Seca.

You can try this raceway out for yourself at their special events where they open the track to motorcyclists.

4. Circuit of the Americas, Texas

Perhaps currently best known for its appearance on the Formula 1 calendar, the Circuit of the Americas is a relatively new race track. Opened in 2012, the Grand Prix track is 3.5 miles (5.5km) with 20 turns. There is also the National Circuit, a slightly shorter route around the main track. The Circuit of the Americas hosts a number of top racing events, including MotoGP, MotoAmerica, FIA World Endurance, IndyCar, and NASCAR. 

With so many different race disciplines happening on one circuit, here you can see the full range of D3O® motorcycle impact protection in action. Whether it’s tough yet flexible motorcycle gloves favored for high-speed racing, or the latest in motorcycle jackets with armor protecting riders on the track, you can see everything from D3O® in action here at COTA.

The track is modeled partly on combinations from the Silverstone race track in the UK and the Hockenheim track in Germany, bringing together a number of fast straights and complex turns to create an exciting racing experience. The track is busy and popular with many racing fans, thanks to its 150,000 seat capacity. 

5. Virginia International Raceway, Virginia

Hosting the Yamaha Superbike Championship of Virginia, as well as other Superbike events, Formula 3 racing, the GT World Challenge America and more, the Virginia International Raceway may not be as well known as some other tracks, but it still boasts great racing. 

It features a number of challenging racing combinations, including a mirror of Laguna Seca’s ‘Corkscrew’, the ‘South Bend’, a blind left-hand crest that leads downhill, and two high speed corners - the ‘Hog Pen’ and the ‘Oak Tree’. A favorite for NASCAR testing, the VIR offers five different racing configurations, ideal for testing all aspects of a bike. 

If you fancy trying out these challenging race combinations, you can go on one of their motorcycle track days, where you can ride the same circuits as some of your favorite AMA professional racers. 

6. Road America, Wisconsin

Sometimes referred to as ‘America’s National Park of Speed’, Road America currently hosts a huge variety of racing. IndyCar, AMA Superbike, MotoAmerica, NASCAR, GT World Challenge and the Trans-AM series are all played out at Road America. 

Originally a true road race route, Road America was converted into a closed circuit after a number of incidents with pedestrians forced the change. Nowadays, Road America still follows much of the original road race route, but with the added safety of barriers, grandstands, pits and more to make it an all-round great racetrack. 

Covering over 4 miles of track with 14 turns, including the famous ‘The Kink’, and high speed straights, Road America offers excellent spectating and a challenge for competitors too.

7. Barber Motorsports Park, Alabama

A compact track with tight turns and plenty of elevation changes, the Barber Motorsports Park is perhaps best known for its commitment to vintage motorcycles. Hosting a vintage motocross course, there is also a vintage motorcycle museum which contains one of the largest collections in the world. 

Modern racing is held here, including the MotoAmerica Championship of Alabama race, IndyCar, and the Atlantic Championship. There is also the Annual Barber Vintage Festival, which is a yearly celebration of all things vintage motorcycling, bringing together fans, collectors and vendors for a weekend of fun. 

Look out for one of their motorcycle track days, as they provide not only road courses, but also off-road courses for you to enjoy. 

8. Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta, Georgia 

Home to Petit Le Mans, MotoAmerica, WERA Cycle Jam and the WERA Regional Double Header amongst others, Road Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta offers great racing and great facilities for fans. It has a famous ‘esses’ combination between turns 3 and 5, and a challenging downhill dive at turn 12, along with varied elevation and speedy straights. 

Although the track has had a bumpy history with ownership and renovations, Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta is firmly established as a place to see and do great racing, and has a reputation for being very family-friendly and inclusive too. 

Whatever track you’re visiting to test your skills at, always go prepared with the very best in motorcycle impact protection armor from D3O®. Having the right equipment and gear sets you up for having a great time trying out new skills and refining your talent to improve your racing. 

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