Protecting those that protect us

D3O® protects in the harshest of environments. From body protection for US Special Forces to blunt trauma impact protection for riot police, D3O offers head to toe solutions for defence, law enforcement and emergency services.

Our technologies are recognised and trusted by global organisations including US Department of Defense (PEO Soldier), UK Ministry of Defence and French Gendarmerie to deliver the most comfortable, flexible, lightweight, highest performing protection.

  • TRUST helmet pads for multiple military and law enforcement helmet programs including Advanced Combat Helmet
  • Patented helmet liner designs offering superior deceleration performance
  • TRUST vest for blunt trauma impact protection certified to HOSDB standard
  • Back of hand protection and palm padding for gloves
  • Dual-composite materials for load carriage straps
  • TRUST range of elbow and knee pads for extremity protection
  • Ankle guards and Met guards for top of foot protection
  • Insoles, heel inserts and midsoles for footwear to reduce fatigue and impact injury exposure
  • Seat pads for armoured personnel carriers
  • Ruggedised electronics casing and vibration isolation

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