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Introducing Team D3O – just some of the many multi-talented athletes and personalities empowered to compete at the highest level of their sport thanks to D3O®. Click on the links below to see how they’re pushing limits and how D3O® gives them the advantage they need. 

Seth Jones

"I know that D3O® will protect me"

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Tahnée Seagrave

"My scars are there to remind me"

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Michael Dunlop

"My goal is just to win"

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Team Troy Lee

"I’ve got a few screws in my body"

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Rémy Absalon

"I've crashed with D3O®... I know it works"

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Allan Lane

"Not all armour is created equal"

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Thank You D3O®

Are you protected by D3O®? If you are or have been, we’d love to hear from you. Send us your story to feature on our social media feed, help us protect others and get your hands on free D3O® gear!