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Introducing Team D3O® – just some of the many multi-talented athletes and personalities empowered to push their limits and those of their teams thanks to D3O®.

These D3O® users have a unique approach to life and the challenges and fears they overcome as part of it. Confidence has different implications for each of them – whether they are serving their country or participating in a race. In turn, being Protected by D3O® yields different powers on that confidence, in removing restraint, leveraging the smallest window of opportunity or providing critical focus on the mission.


Robin Gillon

"Ain't rude, just deaf"

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Tahnée Seagrave

"My scars are there to remind me"

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Michael Dunlop

"My goal is just to win"

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Seth Jones

"I know that D3O® will protect me"

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Remy Absalon

"I've crashed with D3O®... I know it works"

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Team Troy Lee

"I’ve got a few screws in my body"

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Honda Racing RedMoto World Enduro Team

"Safety doesn't compromise the rider's performance"

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Lee Johnston

"Riding bikes makes me feel free"

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Tim Kirksey

"Family Over Everything"

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Curt Caruso

"Better protection allows you to perform better"

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