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As the temperatures climb and the evenings get longer, many people are keen to jump on their motorcycles for some summer rides. Staying cool and comfortable while you ride is as important as your protection, and there’s no need to compromise. 

Choose a summer motorcycle jacket with D3O® impact protection so you can make the most of the warmer weather without sweat ruining your ride. Whether you want to stay with traditional biker styles or opt for more technical features, summer motorcycle jackets come in a range of options to suit whatever riding you’re doing.

Sunny weather doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on impact protection though. If anything, as you’re likely to be racking up more miles in the saddle, it’s essential to have the right impact protection for your adventures. D3O® impact protection comes in a variety of options including Level 1, Level 2, breathable and flexible options, so you can stay safe and comfortable without compromise. With some of the world’s best motorcycle apparel brands choosing D3O for all sorts of impact protection needs, you know you’re getting the very best

Why wear a summer motorcycle jacket?

The last thing you want bothering you on a summer road trip or leisurely evening ride is sweat. Not only is sweat uncomfortable while you’re out on your motorcycle, it can be a distraction and become a safety hazard to you and others. Being too hot and uncomfortable while you ride also ruins your experience, so what should be the prime time to be out on your bike suddenly becomes a hot mess. 

A summer motorcycle jacket is a great piece to invest in if you’re out to enjoy yourself on your motorcycle, and make the most of the weather. They typically feature lightweight, moisture-wicking and breathable materials and strategically placed vents or mesh panels to promote airflow. The impact protection used in summer motorcycle jackets also tends to fit into the breathable category, so you can ride knowing you’re protected and comfortable. D3O® impact protection, such as the Level 1 LP1 and Level 2 LP2 Pro ranges, feature a ventilated design and are very light to wear, so riders can have maximum protection with maximum airflow.

How to find the best summer motorcycle jacket with armor 

It can be tempting to choose the lightest possible jacket out there, or even to skip wearing one altogether when summer gets really hot. However, a motorcycle jacket is a piece of safety gear first and foremost, same as your helmet, so don’t ride without it or choose something not properly designed for the challenges that motorcycling can bring. Always look for a jacket from a leading brand and one that features D3O® impact protection. 

If you’re not sure where to start when researching a summer motorcycle jacket, here are a few things to consider:


  • Materials. If you’re choosing leather, look for jackets that feature lightweight leather and potentially include mesh panels for extra breathability, or even perforations to aid airflow. If you’re looking for a textile jacket, look for ultra-lightweight materials like woven Kevlar for abrasion resistance and moisture-wicking fabrics for rider comfort. If you can, visit your local motorcycle shop to try on different jackets and get a feel for what you’re comfortable in.
  • Impact protection. Whether you’re cruising down country lanes or heading on a cross-country touring adventure, it’s essential that your impact protection is up to scratch. D3O® impact protection is ideal for summer motorcycle jackets. The LP1 and LP2 Pro ranges feature a highly ventilated design, while Ghost™ armor is both lightweight and flexible. You can find jackets that feature D3O® armor at any good stockist of high quality motorcycle apparel. Be sure to choose the right level of protection for your type of riding. If this is the summer you want to try track racing, you might want to opt for LP2 Pro as it offers the highest protection possible. If you’re taking it easy on casual rides with friends, Ghost™ armor is a great option for fit-and-forget protection. 
  • Safety certification. Always look for a CE/UKCA rating on your armor. D3O® motorcycle armor is rated to both of these specifications, meaning it has been tested under strict conditions for impact protection. The other standard to look for is the A-AAA rating. Summer motorcycle jackets that are rated A, AA or AAA have been tested as a whole garment to offer certain safety features. Approved jackets will have a label clearly showing the rating, and sometimes the EN17092 or EN13595 status, which is an indicator of testing for abrasion resistance.
  • Ventilation. A summer motorcycle jacket will feature more ventilation than a winter one. Look for key features such as mesh panels (on the sides or chest usually), or perforated material along the arms or around the collar for extra airflow. Jackets may also have zips for ventilation which can be closed in the event of a cold or wet day. 
  • Fit and style. It might be tempting to avoid close-fitting materials and choose a slightly bigger size to allow for more airflow. No matter the weather however, always choose a jacket that fits properly. This means it should cover your torso to the hips, the sleeves should reach your wrists, and the collar should come close to your neck. A properly fitting jacket should be snug but not tight, giving room for movement. A correct fit also means your impact protection will sit in the right places, allowing it to keep you safe in the event of a fall or crash. 

Summer motorcycle jackets

Klim Induction Jacket

Klim’s Induction jacket is a textile-based garment perfect for warmer weather. It has been created to cope with higher temperatures and designed to keep riders cool and comfortable. The Induction Jacket features an ultra-tough mesh outer for abrasion resistance, and D3O® Level 1 armor at the elbows and shoulders. D3O® Viper Central level 1 back protection is also included in the jacket. With stretch panels, reinforced stitching, and visibility strips, it’s easy to see why this lightweight garment is certified AA and EN17092-3.The Klim Induction jacket is a great choice for a textile summer motorcycle jacket that doesn’t compromise on impact protection.

Icon Hooligan Ultrabolt 

For fans of speed and racing, the Icon Hooligan Ultrabolt jacket combines track styling, high level impact protection and summer comfort features. It has been designed with an airflow perforated chest, mesh panels, and is constructed from lightweight reinforced polyester with additional visibility strips. Featuring D3O® impact protection at the back, shoulders and elbows, these are fully removable to customize as preferred. The sporty stretch fit means the Hooligan Ultrabolt is snug and secure no matter how hard you’re pushing it.

Richa Bodyguard 2

A unisex jacket, the Richa Bodyguard 2 is a great choice for summer riding. This slim fit textile jacket is constructed with reinforced stitching, abrasion-resistant materials, and stretch panels for rider comfort. D3O® level 2 impact protection is integrated into the shoulders and elbows, with a level 2 Viper central back protector also included. For maximum coverage, the Bodyguard 2 also has a removable D3O® level 1 chest protector. A lightweight jacket with a great deal of D3O® impact protection, the Richa Bodyguard 2 is a solid choice for riders.

Furygan Atom Vented Evo 

A classic Furygan styled jacket, the Atom Vented Evo combines world-leading D3O® impact protection with eye-catching sporty style. D3O® protection is featured on the elbows and shoulders, and a pocket is included for a D3O® back protector if you wish to add it. The jacket features a highly ventilated textile as the main fabric, with a mesh inner and reinforced abrasion resistant outer. A high-fit collar, adjustable wrist and waist tabs, and bold Furygan branding make the Atom Vented Evo a great choice for impact protection and summer cool. 

Choose a D3O® protected motorcycle jacket for summer and stay cool, safe and stylish no matter what. Explore more D3O® brand partners and products here: