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The best piece of safety gear is one that fits properly. This applies to everything from helmets and pants through to jackets. For female motorcyclists, it’s important to choose motorcycle clothing and apparel that is designed for women’s body shapes to get the best protection and fit. 

Your jacket is one of the essential pieces of safety gear you wear while riding, so making sure it fits properly and offers the correct level and placement of impact protection is critical. Maximize your chances of a safe and comfortable ride every time by choosing a women’s motorcycle jacket with armor. 

As with men’s jackets, women’s motorcycle jackets come in a range of styles and materials. You can opt for classic leather or technical textiles for materials, and choose from sport, urban, touring and more when it comes to style and the type of riding you do. The world of women’s protective motorcycle clothing has much improved in recent years, and you can now find a wide variety to choose from.

When looking for a motorcycle jacket with armor, you should always look for a jacket that features D3O® impact protection to ensure you’re getting the very best combination of protection and comfort that’s CE certified (or UKCA equivalent) to the PPE Regulation 2016/425 in accordance with the EN1621 series of standards. Explore a range of D3O partner brands offering world-leading protection for female motorcyclists with their dedicated lines. 

Difference between men’s and women’s motorcycle jackets 

The biggest difference between men’s and women’s motorcycle jackets is the size and cut. As a general rule, women’s motorcycle jackets come in smaller sizes. They tend to have shorter torsos and sleeves, and are cut differently around the chest and waist to accommodate women’s bodies more practically. Women’s jackets often have a closer fit than men’s as well, especially for leather motorcycle jackets. There’s such a variety of styles and sizes available on the market, you’ll be sure to find something that suits you.

Impact protection is still centered on the shoulders, elbows and back, but it may be more compact in order to better fit the wearer. D3O offers the LP1 Compact range for exactly this reason. Similar to the LP1, it’s CE EN1621-1:2012 Level 1 certified and extremely breathable, but comes in a smaller size for better fit more petite frames.

How to find the best women’s motorcycle jacket with armor 

If you’re looking to purchase a women’s motorcycle jacket with armor, there are a few things to consider before you buy. No matter what other factors influence your buying decision, always look for a motorcycle jacket with armor from D3O® to benefit from the most advanced protection in the event of a crash or fall. 


  • Fit and sizing. The sizing of ladies’ armored motorcycle jackets can run slightly different to men’s, and the jackets might sit differently on the body from a typical US or European dress size. When buying for the first time, visit a motorcycle apparel retailer to try on a variety of sizes and lengths and check the fit. Although women’s jackets are designed to accommodate the female form, different body types mean it’s always best to try on different styles, brands and sizes to make sure you’re getting the most comfortable fit. Look for a jacket that zips up without issue, a collar that doesn’t gape, sleeves that reach your wrists, and ensure the jacket comes down to your hips. 
  • Materials and style. Armored motorcycle jackets come in as many styles and materials these days as everyday fashion jackets. You can choose from leather or textile as your two main material options, and styles include a slim sporty fit, a relaxed urban rider, and rugged off-roading or touring. With a huge variety of colors, materials, and technical features - such as abrasion resistance, reinforced stitching, moisture-wicking materials, breathable mesh, removable thermal liners and hi-vis strips - you’ll be sure to find something that suits you.
  • Impact protection. The impact protection in your jacket is critical to keeping you safe while on the road. Look for a jacket that features D3O® impact protection when you’re browsing, and check that it offers shoulder, elbow and back protectors, or at least has pockets for these. Some jackets even include chest protection inserts for added coverage. Choose a jacket that includes D3O® CE EN 1621-1:2012 Level 1 impact protection at the very minimum.
  • Safety rating. Reputable brands, such as those partnering with D3O, have clear safety information displayed. Look for CE/UKCA certification to EN 17092:2020 and an AAA, AA, or A classification. D3O® motorcycle impact protection is certified to CE/UKCA, meaning it has been tested under strict conditions for impact protection. The AAA-A class means the jacket as a whole has been rated based on its safety performance and abrasion resistance. For reference, most urban or casual riding motorcycle jackets are A class, providing they include CE EN 1621-1:2012 Level 1 impact protection at the shoulders and elbows.
  • Riding purpose. Think carefully about the type of motorcycling you do and what you need your jacket and armor to deliver on. If you love getting out on the track, a sport-fit jacket with CE EN 1621-2:2014 Level 2 back and chest D3O® impact protection will be best suited. Limb protection of CE EN 1621-1:2012 should also be present regardless of jacket type or riding discipline.

Women’s armored motorcycle jackets

Klim Artemis Jacket 

Klim are the experts when it comes to high-quality motorcycle touring gear, and the Artemis Jacket is no exception. The Artemis is the ideal jacket for women motorcyclists who love touring, adventure and off-road riding. Featuring D3O® CE EN 1621-1:2012 Level 1 impact protection at the elbows and shoulders, plus a D3O® CE EN 1621-2:2014 Level 1 Viper Stealth back pad; all armor is removable for Level 2 upgrades as desired. The Gore-Tex shell keeps you dry, Cordura and SuperFabric provide abrasion resistance and hi-vis strips are included for visibility. The Artemis is AA class and CE certified to EN 17092-3:2020, making it the jacket of choice for women wanting a touring jacket that doesn’t compromise on protection or abrasion resistance.

ICON Tuscadero 2 Jacket 

The Icon Tuscadero 2 is a low-profile jacket in terms of style, offering the best when it comes to impact protection. The simple styling packs plenty of benefits, including waterproofing, a removable insulated liner and female-specific fit. D3O® LP1 impact protection (CE EN 1621-1:2012 rated) is included at the shoulders and elbows, and the back features a D3O® back protector, so you can ride in style, confident in the knowledge you’re D3O® protected. The Tuscadero 2 is A class, and rated overall to CE EN 17092-4:2020, making it a great choice for casual or commuter riders. 

Richa Laura Jacket 

Take on whatever the track has to throw at you with the sport-inspired Richa Laura Jacket. Perfect for sport bike fans, the Laura combines high quality luxury leather with integrated stretch panels for a close and comfortable fit. D3O® impact protection is integrated at the elbows and shoulders, and the Laura is also D3O® back and chest protector-ready, with built-in pockets. Richa has considered all seasons with the Laura, and the jacket features a mesh inner and perforated leather for ventilation, plus a removable thermal lining to keep warm in winter. Reinforced stitching in high-wear areas and neoprene cuffs and collar make the Laura a fantastic choice of women’s armored motorcycle jacket.   

Furygan Debbie Jacket 

Furygan’s Debbie Jacket combines D3O® impact protection with ultra-soft leather for a comfortable garment you can ride all day in. The Debbie features classic biker-chic styling with accordion stitch shoulders, a snap close collar, and zips at the wrists and hips. Made from 100% buffalo leather and featuring a removable thermal lining, the Debbie can take you through any season of riding. With D3O® impact protection at the shoulders and elbows, and a back pocket ready for you to add your own D3O® back protector, you can combine safety and style in this Furygan jacket.

Explore more D3O® partner brands offering women’s armored motorcycle jackets and ensure you’re getting the right jacket for your ride. Always look for D3O® impact protection and choose a jacket that delivers on safety alongside style.