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Motorcycle shoes help to protect your feet and ankles as you ride, and some might question whether all that padding and protection can get warm in the summer. Here’s a guide on how to find shoes that will keep you feeling both cool and protected. 

When the weather is good and the evenings long, taking your bike out for a ride is a much more enjoyable activity. But with warmer temperatures, the thought of pulling on a pair of heavy boots to ride your beloved motorcycle isn’t always appealing. 

As you need your feet and ankles to be comfortable and secure in order to ride safely, it’s important to have proper protection from impact and injury whether it’s warm or not. The good news is, there’s no need to compromise on comfort or safety - you can choose the best motorcycle shoes for summer and get the best of both. 

Why should you use motorcycle shoes?

Although your feet don’t power or steer your bike, they are key to keeping you stable on the road. From stopping at lights to maneuvering your motorcycle into a space, your feet keep you balanced and are positioned close to hot fumes and metal for most of the ride. Plus, if an accident does happen, your feet and ankles could be one of the first parts of your body to be exposed to impacts. 

Unlike other types of shoes, motorcycle shoes are specifically designed to take on the wear and tear of the road. Built with reinforced ankles, toes and heels, they give your feet all the support needed to keep your bike comfortably balanced. The tough materials are also heat and weather-resistant, meaning your feet and ankles won’t get burned by exhaust fumes or uncomfortably wet and cold. 

To keep your feet protected in the summer months there are a variety of summer motorcycle shoes available. These have all the protection and durability of normal motorcycle shoes, with built-in vents and breathable fabrics so your feet don’t overheat as you ride. 

How to choose the best summer motorcycle shoes

There are two main types of summer motorcycle shoes available: those with built-in vents and others with breathable or perforated fabrics. Occasionally, you can also find motorcycle boots with both of these elements for ultimate summer riding. These designs give riders’ feet the level of protection and durability they’d expect from normal motorcycle shoe designs, with extra airflow to keep cool and comfortable in hot weather. 

It’s important to bear in mind that motorcycle shoes are a piece of safety gear first and foremost, so look for safety certifications and impact protection features as well as breathability and temperature control.

So, to find your pair of summer motorcycle boots, its key that you look for: 

  • Impact Protection: As with standard motorcycle boots, summer motorcycle shoes should feature impact protection around the ankles. Depending on the type of riding you’re doing, you might opt for a shorter boot that only features protection from impact around the lower portion of the shoe, or you might choose a boot where the ankle has full coverage. Whatever style you choose, check they include D3O® advanced impact protection that’s also low profile.

  • Comfort and fit. Your motorcycle shoes should have a close (though not tight) fit to be both protective and comfortable. Think about what you like to wear when riding too. If you like close-fitting motorcycle pants, check if you can tuck them into your boots, whereas a more relaxed motorcycle jean can be pulled over a boot.

  • Safety certification. Look for CE or UKCA certified ankle protection. These are the established safety standards for the EU and UK, and will ensure you get the right levels of impact protection. Also look for any gear rated Class A, AA or AAA, and that references EN 13634, as these ensure the best materials and safety testing of the overall shoe.

  • Adjustable or well-placed air vents. Most air vents are placed on the end and top of the toe area of motorcycle shoes. Some of these can be opened and closed as you need them, meaning your feet won’t get wet in a surprise shower. Checking where the air vents are placed will help you to determine whether airflow is going exactly where you need it. 

  • Breathability. Perforated leather and breathable textiles are typically used for motorcycle shoes. Where needed, look for materials and technical features like moisture-wicking and weatherproofing so you’re getting the right balance of cooling and protective qualities.  

Best summer motorcycle shoes

Although it may be tempting to choose lightweight or less appropriate shoes to ride with on hot summer days, it is possible to find motorcycle boots that will keep you comfortable and protected from impacts. Here are some brands that offer summer motorcycle shoes equipped with D3O® technology for the best in ankle protection. 


To perform on a track and make the most of everyday rides, riders need flexibility as well as protection. Furygan’s D3O-protected low and high-top shoe designs are made from a combination of leather and textiles for ultimate protection, durability and comfort. Ventilated panels allow air to circulate and keep feet cool without compromising safety and breathable, waterproof membranes help to keep humidity down all day long. Choose from skate-inspired sneaker looks or classic race boots, knowing that D3O is protecting your ankles, heels and toes.


If you’re looking for biker style and high levels of protection, then Merlin’s D3O-protected range will have an option for you. High ankle waterproof boots keep riders’ feet protected and supported from the weather as well as the road, while street boots offer a low-top but still durable look. Waxed cotton and breathable membranes help to keep feet cool and dry.


For riders wanting to combine top-quality support and protection with a casual summer look, TCX’s D3O-protected lifestyle sneakers are an ideal option. With hi-top designs, waterproof fabrics and a comfortable fit, these motorcycle shoes will look great with any outfit at any time of year. D3O® impact protection around the ankles and heels, breathable materials, and fully-ventilated technology mean they’re comfortable as well as protective. 

Umberto Luce 

Umberto Luce’s stylish, supportive D3O-protected bike sneakers are suitable for both weekdays and weekends. With unique designs and a touch of the biker look, the designs include D3O® impact protection for the ankles. From waterproof leather to lightweight textiles, riders can get the exact look they want with the added benefit of protection. 

D3O keeps riders’ feet safe

Riders should be able to experience the open road or trail comfortable in any weather. Working closely with a range of motorcycle brands, D3O creates protective products that are soft, flexible, lightweight and durable, so riders can trust D3O to keep them safe while enjoying any motorcycling adventure.