10 Best Mountain Bike Trails in the US

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As such a huge country with almost every kind of landscape - deserts to forests, coasts to canyons - the US is a mountain biker’s paradise. Whatever trails you like to ride or want to try, you’ll be sure to find some of the best in the world across America. 

It’s not just about what the trail offers to riders too. We’ve looked at the whole package - what local amenities are available, how accessible they are to all levels of riders, and how you can make visiting these trails an all-round adventure.

We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite recommendations, but remember you should always be prepared and protected before you take on any trails. Choose D3O® mountain bike protective gear to stay safe while out mountain biking and to keep enjoying your rides for years to come. 


1. Top Rated: The Whole Enchilada, Moab, Utah

The Whole Enchilada appears on many of the top mountain biking trail lists, and with good reason. Offering challenging sections, this 27-mile trail starts high in the mountains and travels down 7,500 feet back into the main town of Moab. You get everything you’d want on a challenging ride: fast descents, tough climbs, flowy singletrack, slickrock patches and incredible views of the valley, river and prairie. You can ride along the Colorado River too, ideal for a quick dip if you’re hot. 

There are plenty of bike-friendly shuttle services available to drop you at the top of the trail starting point. Be sure to pack plenty of water - this is a tough technical ride and the desert temperatures are unforgiving. 

2. Family Friendly: Wasatch Crest, Park City, Utah

Park City is a great destination for a family vacation if you’re big into mountain biking. The city has plenty of places to eat, stay and relax, with a cozy small-town vibe perfect for families. The Wasatch Crest is one of the best trails to hit, although not the easiest. Expect flowy trails through forests and ridge riding that tests your skills, all accompanied by amazing views of the Wasatch Valley. 

3. Classic Alpine: South Boundary Taos, New Mexico

The South Boundary Trail is known as a ‘little bit of everything’ with alpine flavors. The typical east-west route of the trail covers 21 miles but you can extend it with an alternative route out. Take in fields, meadows, mountains and conifer and spruce forests along tracks that require a bit of navigation and skill. The final descent is fast, loose, and a little bit scrambly - but always fun! 

4. Big Mountain Ride: Osberg Ridgeline Epic, Idaho

The Sun Valley in Idaho is famous for over 400 miles of mountain bike trails, but the Osberg Ridgeline Epic has got to be one of the best. You get plenty of climbs and descents, stunning scenery, a range of bank turns and flowing trails. The Osberg Ridgeline Epic is sometimes referred to as ‘too perfect’ by riders - so good it’s hard to believe it’s real.


5. West Coast Forest: Galbraith Trail, Bellingham, Washington

For shade, forests and cool greenery, head to the North West and Washington to take on the Galbraith Trail in Bellingham. Ride through over 65 miles of trail around the Galbraith Mountain, taking in the lush forests of the west coast. There are single and double tracks, plus a mix of dirt roads. The soft forest floor and damp climate is great for testing out your skills in wet or slippery conditions.

Go prepared with proper D3O® protected mountain bike gloves - the combination of wet weather and working hard on the trails can quickly affect your grip. 

6. East Coast Forest: Kingdom Trails, Vermont

If the west coast is too far to get woodland trails, you can head east to Vermont and the Kingdom Trails. Much like the Galbraith Trail, Kingdom Trails takes in forest, rock gardens, open fields and even farmland. The trails are all on private land, covering 85 miles, and there’s a range of difficulties from family-friendly right through to advanced. 

7. Desert Ride: Edge Loop, Grand Valley, Colorado

The challenge of riding in dry and hot desert conditions is what makes Grand Valley Colorado a top pick for mountain bikers. Pick the spring or fall to ride the Edge Loop to avoid the hottest summer temperatures. Part of the 18 Road Trails, Edge Loop covers 28 miles taking in canyons and foothills with the famous red rocks a key part of the trail. 

See the snow-capped Rocky Mountains in the distance while navigating super-tight turns on single tracks - the route even includes a rappel down a 50ft waterfall for a real sense of adventure! Protect yourself from knocks while riding by choosing mountain bike knee pads from D3O®.

8. Lakeside Views: Tahoe Rim Trail, Lake Tahoe, California 

California is often seen as the historic home of mountain biking, and Lake Tahoe is famous for the sport. With over 175 miles of route available, you can choose from chilled out single tracks that hug the lakeside, through to challenging climbs and fast descents. 

Whether you want to see waterfalls, wildflowers, or the lake itself, the Tahoe Rim Trail offers sandy, stony, and soft forest floors as well as tougher, slicker rocks. Whatever type of riding you’re keen to experience, the Tahoe Rim Trail can offer it. 

9. Waterfalls and Slickrock: Dupont State Forest, North Carolina

Huge boulders and scrubby pine forest lead you along a trail that takes in four waterfalls when you ride in Dupont Forest, North Carolina. There are almost 100 miles of mountain bike trails to explore, and the famous slickrock is the real challenge here. 

Hugging the Blue Mountains, the trails are prone to rain, so be prepared with waterproof gear and to tackle a little mud at times! Keep your feet protected, dry and secure on the pedals all day by choosing dedicated D3O® protected mountain bike shoes.

10. Explorer: Phil’s Trail, Mt. Bachelor, Oregon 

For riders wanting to be adventurous and explore the trails, Mount Bachelor in Oregon offers the perfect excuse to spend a day riding. A favorite with the locals is Phil’s Trail, which is a two-way trail from Road 300 to the intersections with Kents. This a true cross-country route over 12.5 miles, with rocky patches to navigate and dirt jumps to test your skills on. 

If you’re wanting to really test yourself, make sure you’re properly geared up with knee, elbow, back and shoulder protection - wiping out on the rocks or dirt could result in serious injury.

Whatever trails you’re planning to take on, always make sure you’re prepared with D3O® impact protection. Designed to be lightweight and protective, the D3O® range is ideal for mountain bikers, offering breathable and flexible options for head to toe protection.