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There are a variety of knee protection options available for mountain biking, but the most important thing to look for is D3O impact protection. Whether you choose a short knee guard or longer sleeve-style protection, having D3O impact protection in your guards means you can ride with the confidence that you’re protected by the best.




Mountain bike athletes across disciplines choose D3O for their protection, and with good reason. D3O® impact protection is easy to wear all day without causing discomfort. D3O® materials are soft and flexible in their resting state, but stiffen under an impact to disperse the energy of the force across the surface area of the product. 

D3O mountain bike knee pads have been adopted by world-leaders in riding apparel. Available in a range of protective levels, sizes and focus features (such as breathability), choosing mountain bike knee guards with D3O® knee pads means you can take on as many tricks and trails as you like with confidence. 

D3O® Mountain Bike Knee Pads


It’s important to have the right level of protection for the type of riding you’re planning on doing. D3O provides Level 1 and Level 2 impact protection options, plus a host of additional features. If you ride tough trails, choose guards with the ultra-breathable D3O® LP1 knee protectors, with their superior ventilation and air flow, or an equivalent that’s been custom-made for a D3O partner brand. For riders taking on more leisurely rides that need freedom of movement, D3O® Ghostprotectors are a great choice, offering maximum flexibility. Whatever you choose, make sure you’re getting a D3O® protected knee guard from one of our leading partners.

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