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Keep your feet secure on the pedals and safe in the event of a bail-out by choosing ##D3O## protected mountain bike shoes. Mountain bike shoes are specifically designed for the sport’s challenges including variable weather, high speed crashes, slippery pedals and treacherous elements such as mud, water and rocks. D3O impact protection is soft and flexible while offering excellent safety on every ride.


Your footwear might not be something you associate with needing impact protection, but any professional rider will be able to assure you, it’s not something to skip over. Keeping your feet protected means you can take on longer or more challenging rides without worrying about trail chatter or fatigue in your lower limbs. Your ankles and feet are also protected if you end up skidding, sliding, or landing awkwardly - essential if you love trying out steep downhills or stomping tricks.

D3O® Mountain Bike Shoe Products


D3O offers thin, soft and flexible impact protection. Mountain bike shoes that incorporate D3O® materials often feature a D3O-protected ankle and medial collar, and/or a D3O-protected insole. Always choose a shoe that suits your style and offers the right level of protection for your riding, and look for D3O® protected mountain bike shoes to know you’re getting the very best combination of safety and comfort. 

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