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Protecting your shoulders when you’re hitting the trails is an essential for any mountain biker. Should you fall, need to bail out, or collide with some unexpected landscape features, your shoulders could be first in the firing line for impact. You want protection that keeps you secure no matter what the trail throws at you. D3O shoulder protection for mountain biking is soft and flexible, and made for all-day wear. 


The best mountain bike brands in the world choose D3O for their shoulder protection, integrating D3O shoulder pads into baselayers and other garments. Discover our partner brands and secure the best D3O shoulder protection for mountain biking.




Shoulder protection for mountain biking needs to handle anything from a full scale wipeout to a stray branch catching you out. D3O’s shoulder protection range is designed for the challenges of mountain biking, and the product of years of development and real-life testing. Available in CE/UKCA Level 1 and Level 2 impact protection, and with extra features to choose from such as flexibility and breathability, D3O delivers when it comes to both safety and comfort.

D3O® Mountain Bike Shoulder Products


Choose from guards with D3O inserts such as the ultra-breathable LP1 and famously flexible Ghostto find your perfect impact protection fit while out on the trail. D3O® impact protection is soft and pliable, providing full coverage of the joint without impeding movement. Ride every trick and trail with confidence, knowing you’re protected by D3O®

Best Mountain Bike Shoulder Protection

Choose mountain bike gear with D3O® shoulder protection for maximum safety, wearability and comfort.

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