TRX™ Knee Pad

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The D3O® TRX™ Knee Pad is designed to keep performance on track. Utilizing a revolutionary TRX™ rail feature, D3O® TRX™ provides market-leading, side-to-side security while kneeling for extended periods of time on the jobsite, whilst maintaining superior high-performance, soft, and flexible D3O® impact protection properties – day-in-day out.

Resilient, long-lasting protection and comfort with no drop in performance.

Replace your pads, not your knees.



  • Unique TRX™ rail platform: Provides side-to-side security, preventing rocking, for unparalleled lateral knee support
  • Recess: Delivers added bursa protection when kneeling
  • Flex points and relief channels: Adaptive fit when kneeling or standing
  • Thin and tapered design: Highly stealthy integration, reducing bulk
  • Optimal load distribution, comfort and cushioning: Constructed using a low-density, D3O® patented formulation
  • Durable, long-lasting protection: Maintains cushioning over time – resilient to flattening
  • Retrofittable: Ergonomically designed to fit existing work trouser knee pad pockets
  • Washable: Without the need to remove from pants/trousers