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Designed for performance and comfort, Nimbus™ is the new lightweight helmet pad system from D3O.

Nimbus™ couples lightweight design and state of the art comfort with superior impact protection performance.

Nimbus™ exceeds the required level of protection at 10ft/sec by 50% in a Polyethylene shell and 39% in an Aramid shell.

Each helmet pad in this system features a unique geometry that allows the pad to fit the shape of the head and offers superior deceleration under blunt impact tests vs. market-leading competitors.

Nimbus™ can also be integrated as a 7-pad or 9-pad system within most ground combat helmets, including both Polyethylene and Aramid helmet shells.



  • Lightweight, high performing helmet pad system
  • Integrated Comfort Liner for each pad
  • Performance stability across multiple impacts
  • Available as a 7-pad or 9-pad system
  • Head side fabrics offer anti-microbial treatment and great moisture wicking properties
  • Meets SPS hook and loop adhesion requirements, providing strong adhesion into the helmet shell and easy removal when required
  • Berry compliant - currently only available in the US

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