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Fitted Ankle Guard LP

The D3O® Fitted Ankle Guard LP delivers enhanced boot comfort for riders through a highly low-profile design without significantly compromising performance.

When integrated correctly into a heavy-duty boot, the D3O® Fitted Ankle Guard LP passes the EN 13634 motorcycle standard for ankle protection due to its superior shock absorption properties, while being 41% thinner and 38% more lightweight than the D3O® Fitted Ankle Guard.

Featuring an unchanged perimeter shape compared to D3O’s existing ankle protection solution, the D3O® Fitted Ankle Guard LP offers simple integration into existing boot ranges without requiring modifications to constructions.


  • Low-profile design for improved comfort
  • Passes EN 13634:2015 protective motorcycle footwear standard when integrated correctly into boots
  • Unchanged perimeter shape allows simple integration into existing boots without modifying constructions
  • Reduced bulk visually enhances end-products
  • Tapered, ergonomic design offers flexibility

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Fitted Ankle Guard LP