High performance impact protection delivered to multiple sports without compromising on athletic performance

The shock absorption experts protect athletes and teams at all levels in Sports – from head to toe. D3O offers a wide range of pioneering products adopted by some of the world’s most renowned sporting goods brands across various markets, including adidas, SCOTT Sports, Under Armour, Warrior and ENERTOR.

  • Soft, flexible and comfortable helmet liners for US team sports such as Football, Baseball and Ice Hockey, as well as protective inserts for ski headgear
  • CE certified limb and back protectors
  • Body protection designed for low-mid velocity sports applications
  • Footwear products including insoles, heel inserts and midsoles to reduce fatigue while running
  • Ankle protectors for extreme sports including mountain biking
  • Solutions suited to different environments: from snowy mountains to dry and humid mountain bike trails

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