Since 1958 SCOTT Sports has pushed the limits of innovation, technology and design. Combining endless determination to improve with the methodical intricacy put into each bike, winter sports, moto and running product, SCOTT prepares athletes to reach their highest potential.


The Symbol 2 Plus D is the most advanced, high-performance helmet SCOTT Sports have ever made. It established a new standard for low, mid and high velocity impacts by integrating D3O® technology alongside MIPS® and EPS.

SCOTT Sports SA Product Engineer Anatole Deheselle: “Traditional EPS helmets are mainly designed to absorb high energy impacts. Thanks to its non-Newtonian proprieties, D3O® dampens a wide range of impacts.”

“We implemented D3O® pads in strategical areas to specifically address low and mid energy impacts which can also cause damage to the brain.”


D3O Senior Product Design Engineer Oliver Sunnucks: “We knew from our internal tests that our materials outperform EPS over a range of impact energies, and by combining the strengths of EPS and D3O® it would possible to realise SCOTT’s vision.”

“We chose our Decell B material to make the components as it provided the balance of performance and temperature stability required for a Snow Sports helmets.

“The main challenge once we’d identified what we were trying to do was to integrate D3O® into the new Symbol 2 design.”


Sunnucks: “Through collaborative design, test and iteration we optimised the helmet configuration and material interaction to give the desired performance.

“We removed a lot of expanded polystyrene (EPS) to integrate our parts, which had the potential to affect the performance from those high energy impacts. However, we were able to maintain this performance through geometry manipulation and material creating unique D3O® parts.

“They’re specific to that helmet, perfectly blending with the contours and venting. You don’t lose any performance for coping with high energy impacts and we’ve greatly improved the performance for mid to low energy impacts.”


  • 2017 ISPO GOLD AWARD – recognised for cutting-edge design
  • High performance shock absorption
  • Allows multiple mid to low impacts

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