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Allan Lane's passion for motorcycles is matched by his passion for motorcycle protection. He is the Editor in Chief of SportBikes Inc Magazine and runs the annual Shut the City Down ride in Philadelphia.

In 2017, I was broadsided by a minivan. I was on my Ducati XDiavel S, 25mph going through traffic. The van ploughed into my left side and pushed me across two lanes. My ankle was broken.

The doctor at the hospital asked what I was wearing – what with the force of the impact, he couldn’t believe there was only one broken bone.

He said that had I not been wearing my ICON boots with D3O®, I would have lost my foot. I’ve seen riders out on the road in sneakers – imagine if that’s what I’d been wearing?

I’ve seen people spend $12,000 dollars on a bike and go get the cheapest, crappiest apparel. They’ve spent all their bread on the bike, so they buy a ‘this’ll do’ jacket. I’ve seen accidents, I’ve also been a victim but my armour has protected me.

Knowing I’m wearing the right gear is just as important as knowing my motorcycle is going to perform. I want to ride till the doctor says I can’t lift my leg over - and even then, I’m going to get a mobility scooter, a little rascal thing with a basket on the front!

Allan Lane Team D3o Protection

Companies like D3O and ICON are working 24/7 to raise awareness that not all armour is made equal and that it’s a mistake to spend a few bucks on a ‘this’ll do’ helmet or jacket.

It won’t do the job when you need it to – and you might not find that out till it’s too late.

I was wearing D3O® protection and loving it before I even knew what it was. When it came to my attention, it was kismet – like the scene in the movie when the good guy realises he has special powers.

I was attracted to ICON by the quality of the apparel, its construction, and also the way it looks. The D3O® armour that goes into it is flexible, not cumbersome. It allows you to ride without an afterthought.

You’re balancing an unstable but powerful machine, at speed, manoeuvring, braking, so knowing you’re protected means one less thing to think about. D3O and ICON are protecting me and my lifestyle.

Often new riders get hand-me-down gear - don’t go there. Get properly kitted out so the apparel and armour fit like a skin to save your skin.