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Australian brand EFM designs, manufactures and sells an extensive range of quality, high-end device gear, carefully crafted for those who live their lives to the fullest and are always on the go.

Through an exclusive partnership with D3O, their unique military-grade protection technology is used in various EFM Case Armour exclusively across Australia.

From case armour featuring D3O® technology to power products and a diverse range of Bluetooth and in-ear headphone and speaker products, EFM products are perfect for all the place you’ll go.


If you are looking for a clear, protective phone case, look no further than EFM’s Case Armour featuring new D3O® Crystalex™.

Offering crystal clear transparency, D3O® Crystalex™ is the most protective transparent material for phone cases. It offers the impact protection you expect from D3O®, while also being naturally non-yellowing and resistant to dye transfer.


“When looking for a clear iPhone case that offers superior protection while still having a slim look and feel, the EFM Aspen Clear Case is a hard one to pass by.” Sonny Dickson

“Like the rest of EFM's range, you get impact protection with its D3O® material built in. The back of the case is clear, so your choice of iPhone colour can still stand out.” finder.com

Thank You D3O®

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