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Founded in 1969 by Jacques Segura, the history of Furygan has been forged into passion for excellence and commitment.

In its very early days, the company focused on the development and manufacturing of gloves for cycling, skiing and of course motorcycle; one of Mr Jacques’s deepest passions.

Known as very demanding, quality-driven and with a strong innovative thinking mind, the founder of Furygan quickly extended his expertise to all kinds of garments, providing new solutions for new needs.

Mr Jacques soon was involved with racers from all over the world and quickly established Furygan as a leader in the motorcycling garment industry.


The basics of Furygan still remain: an innovative spirit, a passion for leather craftsmanship, as well as any technical inputs that could bring more safety, comfort and style to motorcyclists. Above all, a will to never compromise when it comes to safety.

The objective of Furygan’s partnership with D3O is clear. To offer you maximum comfort with maximum safety. D3O® technologies are capable of absorbing impacts with incredible efficiency while also being flexible enough for everyday life, allowing Furygan to create high-performance clothing that is stylish and comfortable.

In 2019, Furygan celebrates its 50th year by creating two new chest protectors and one racing back protector which offer maximum safety without compromising comfort.

These high-performance and ergonomic chest protectors are used by Furygan racers worldwide, including D3O Ambassador Michael Dunlop.


“My goal is just to win. Whatever I wear needs to help me do that, or at least not stop me from doing it, and D3O and Furygan have done right by me. They’ve protected me and they continue to set the standard.” D3O Ambassador and 19-time Isle of Man TT winner Michael Dunlop.