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GameBreaker Headgear supply high-performance, soft-shell head protection for sports including football, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey and rugby.

Through their partnership with D3O®, they now provide market-leading comfortable, lightweight impact protection against accidental collisions and falls, reducing the risk of head injuries.


The GameBreaker-PRO featuring a layer of D3O® impact protection, offers a unique protection solution for flag football, practice sessions and drills.

Tried and tested by everyone from D1 College football programmes to youth flag football teams, the soft and flexible GameBreaker-PRO has been given a five-star safety rating by Virginia Tech Helmet Labs.

The GameBreaker-PRO features a hook and loop chin strap and adjustable laces at the back, meaning it can be custom fitted to each individual player.


Powered by D3O® technology, the new Gamebreaker-AURA soccer headband reduces the risk of accidental head injuries, with 60% head coverage.

The GameBreaker AURA features an inner elastic retention band to keep it firmly in place, while being lightweight and thin enough to allow players to concentrate on their performance.

Virginia Tech Helmet Labs gave the GameBreaker-AURA a five-star safety rating during testing.


“My son wore one of those helmets when he played flag football, loved it so much he wore it to lunch, around the house. I got used to seeing that thing.” Paul Brumeister, NBC Sports

"We’re always looking for a way to be innovative. The D3O® in these helmets really allows us to give players the safest way to play on days where we’re not allowed to wear full pads.” Rice University Head Coach Mike Bloomgren