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Schutt Sports has become one of the world’s preeminent manufacturers of protective sports equipment.

The company entered the world of football helmets in 1987 when it acquired IP and other assets of Bike Athletic Company. The AiR line of football helmets launched Schutt Sports on a journey of helmet technology and innovation that has culminated with them being one of the top two helmet makers in the world.

Now, in its second century, Schutt Sports continues to push the industry standards, introducing new technological advances in helmet design.

The newest helmet line, the F7 Series, features a pair of external plates that move independently of the helmet. The shell itself features engineering advancements that increase the strength and performance of the helmet.

Schutt continues to utilize the most advanced impact absorption systems in football, including its own Energy Lock Technology – a system that features the game-changing capabilities of D3O®.


D3O® technology is utilized in Schutt Sports youth football helmets and batters’ helmets. In football, Energy Lock Technology featuring D3O® is used in the Recruit Series: the R3+ and the Recruit Hybrid.

Both feature a combination of D3O® technology along with the impact absorption system developed by Schutt – TPU Cushioning. The D3O® featured in these helmets give the helmets a unique look that is very popular with youth football players.

In baseball and softball, D3O® impact absorption technology is featured in the AiR series of helmets: The AiR 5.6 and AiR 4.2. The impact absorption capabilities of D3O® make these helmets some of the best performing helmets on the field.

These high-performance AiR batters helmets have been the helmet of choice for the USA Olympic softball team for over 20 years, as well as some of the top NCAA programs in the USA, including former national champion, Arizona.