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To find your ideal pair of motorcycle pants, you need to find a style that balances comfort and protection. 

For the casual commuter rider through to the more extreme long distance adventure rider or for those who race competitively, there’s the perfect pair of motorcycle riding pants out there. Whatever level of protection you’re looking for, being comfortable, fully protected, and able to feel and maneuver your bike are key points for most bikers. 

Why should you wear motorcycle riding pants?

Motorcycle riding pants are designed specifically for the challenges motorcycling presents. Investing in a pair can offer multiple benefits for riders at all levels, namely improved protection and comfort, enhancing your overall experience out on the road, track or trail.

Things to look for when choosing motorcycle riding pants include:

  • Impact protection. In the event of an accident, whether that’s coming off your bike or something less dramatic like your bike knocking over into you, impact protection is crucial. Motorcycle pants with impact protection pads often feature these around the knee and hip. This safety feature can help reduce the risk of severe injury in the event of an accident. 

Choosing D3O® impact protection means you’re guaranteed a minimum level of safety. D3O® motorcycle armor is CE Level 1 or Level 2 certified according to EN 1621-1, depending on the level of protection you go for. Thanks to its unique material properties, it is lightweight and flexible, stiffening only on impact to disperse the force and reduce the risk of serious injury. It is also reusable, durable and can take repeated impacts (unless visibly broken or damaged), unlike other pads which can quickly flatten out after use. 

Whether you choose LP1, LP2 Pro, or the latest Ghost™ armor, all D3O® impact protection is comfortable, flexible and designed to keep you safe. 

  • Abrasion resistance. Motorcycle riding pants give riders an extra layer of protection from the wear and tear of any terrain. This is particularly important in an accident, where slides or falls could lead to severe skin injuries if a rider isn’t adequately protected. If you ride off-road, motorcycle pants will also help reduce the effects of gravel and rocks striking you. 

  • Comfort. Made with riders in mind, the materials and design of motorcycle riding pants can offer features such as breathability, moisture-wicking and freedom of movement. Flexible materials enable bikers to take on longer or more testing rides with the peace of mind that chafing, pinching or rubbing are problems of the past.

How to choose motorcycle riding pants

There’s a huge variety of choices when it comes to buying motorcycle riding pants, and while some factors like materials, purpose and style are more personal choices, safety and protection are critical features that can’t be compromised on.

Safety Standards

One of the most important safety features to look for in motorcycle pants is CE or UKCA safety certification. The CE and UKCA safety marks guarantee a level of testing and safety standards have been adhered to in manufacturing the impact protection within the pant, providing better safety for riders. 

The level of impact protection required will vary depending on the type of riding you do. A commuter who rides casually might only need to choose Level 1 protection, covering the knees at a minimum. Level 1 impact protection tends to be thinner and more flexible, and is designed to be a more discrete solution for riders. You can opt to either buy pads that slot into pants (providing they have pockets), or purchase pants with protection included.

For riders heading into challenging off-road terrain or clocking up high speeds on the track, Level 2 knee and hip protection is the best option. With the hips and knees areas which are more likely to take the brunt of any lower body damage, Level 2 protection is designed to withstand a higher level of impact and therefore provide more protection for riders. 

If you purchase motorcycle pants with removable protective pads, you can always look at upgrading your level of protection if your type of riding or style changes. This might be a great choice for riders who tend to commute but are attending a track day and want an extra safety level in their gear.

D3O offers both Level 1 and Level 2 impact protection products, such as the LP1 and LP2 Pro, which are both ultra-breathable. You can also opt for the D3O® Ghost™, which is the most flexible impact protection offered with no loss of safety and additional ventilation. 

Materials and Fit

Motorcycle pants come in a range of materials, styles and types of fit. To narrow down the options, riders should think about how they’re most likely to ride - commuting, touring, adventure motorcycling, racing or off-road - and the features they need as a result. 

Leather is still often the preferred material for bikers when choosing safety gear. It is very hard-wearing, offers good protection against abrasion, and it gets more comfortable the more you wear it. 

However, leather does get hot and lacks waterproofing as standard, so if you ride in wet or hot conditions regularly, textile-based motorcycle pants might be a better choice for ventilation and waterproofing without compromising safety. Always try on various styles to get a feel for what you like, and check out the type and levels of impact protection included as well.

It’s important that the material of your pants allows you to comfortably fit in your impact protection pads as well. Look for pants with built-in pockets, and check how your impact protection lines up with your knees and hips to make sure you’re fully protected. D3O is a great choice for coverage without being bulky. The LP1 Compact range is also ideal for those with smaller frames, as it offers the same level of protection (Level 1) as the LP1 in a smaller size for perfect fit. 

Best motorcycle riding pants

D3O works with a range of motorcycle brands to protect riders without holding back their performance. 


Furygan is renowned for its high-level track gear, in use by Isle of Man TT legend Michael Dunlop and MotoGP riders alike, so you know you’re getting the best protection possible when you choose them. The Raptor Evo Pants combine track-racing style with high level impact protection. D3O® impact protection is fitted at the knees and hips, with the knees featuring adjustable hook and loop fastening to help you get the most comfortable fit. Made from durable cowhide leather and with added reinforced seams, the Raptor Evo Pants are great for bikers wanting to push themselves on the track.

For more casual motorcyclists, the Furygan K range offers denim-style motorcycle pants in both male and female fits, and with a wide range of styles. The Men’s K11 and Women’s Kate motorcycle jeans are made with Kevlar-reinforced denim for optimum abrasion resistance, and come fitted with D3O® Ghost™impact protection. D3O® Ghost™ armor is the most flexible armor out there - often referred to as a ‘fit and forget’ solution. With knee and hip protection included, the Furygan K range is ideal for men and women who want to stay protected while riding, but are keen to be casual and relaxed in their style. 


Whether riders are looking for a casual biker look or extra track protection, Richa has stylish and supportive options available. They offer an extensive range of casual jean-style motorcycle pants, and have a large collection of textile-based pants perfect for riders looking for additional benefits like waterproofing and breathability. 

For the female motorcyclist, Richa offers the slimfit and stylish Kodi legging. This crossover item fits snug like leggings while offering the protection of traditional motorcycle pants. D3O® impact protection for the knees and hips is included, and the spandex-polyester outer creates a stretchy and comfortable close fit. Additional reinforcement at the knees and hips helps with abrasion resistance.


From off-road adventures to weekend road trips, world-renowned Klim riding pants offer a range of styles and levels of protection. Their adventure outerwear is highly durable and has best-in-class D3O® impact protection. Choose Klim riding jeans and casual pants to combine comfort with heavy-duty construction and integrated D3O® knee and hip armor. 

The Klim Badlands Pro A3 Pant features custom Aero Pro D3O® impact protection for the knees, hips, and tailbone, offering superior Level 2 protection for riders while being lightweight and comfortable. Certified AAA and to EN 17092-2, the Badlands Pro A3 also features waterproofing, additional ventilation and breathability, and zip pockets for storage. 


If you’re looking for stylish motorcycle pants with invisible, high-quality protection, then Rokker’s range has plenty of choices. With options for both men and women, their motorcycling jeans, cargo pants and chinos come in multiple colors and fits. Their abrasion-resistant fabrics and removable D3O®​ knee and hip protectors mean riders can stay safe while feeling and looking great. Check out the Original Rokker Raw which features D3O® impact protection on the knees, and adjustable height pockets for adding hip protection. Made with abrasion-resistant materials and rated A for safety, these biker jeans are a great choice for casual rides.

Get D3O® protected

Motorcycling is all about enjoying the freedom of the open road and the excitement of the track or trail. That’s why D3O works with the best motorcycle brands to provide protection that will keep riders safe and comfortable wherever they go. Riders can trust products with D3O® technology on any motorcycling adventure.