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D3O® Ambassador Michael Dunlop is one of the biggest names in international road racing. He has a grand total of 19 Isle of Man TT wins and was the first rider to complete the world-famous, 37-mile mountain course in under 17 minutes. Read his D3O® story below. 

"When you’re hitting speeds of 200mph you need to be able to trust the equipment that you’re using and D3O® plays a vital role in my Furygan race suit.

My goal is just to win. Whatever I wear needs to help me do that, or at least not stop me from doing it, and D3O and Furygan have done right by me. They’ve protected me and they continue to set the standard.

From my suit to my helmet I try and pick the best brands to give me the best protection I can have. When I go down the road it’s what I’m rolling in so everything is always about having the right kit on you.

I’m into my seventh year now with Furygan, they’ve been good to me and they build the suit around me. We started working with D3O to make the protection in the suit as comfortable and durable as possible and we’ve all got a good relationship.

The suit’s good, the protection in the suit’s been very good and I always say don’t change something that’s not broken.

Michael Dunlop Team D3o Article Protection

I like to spend some time with Furygan and D3O to make sure all the armour in the suit sits properly. When you’re sitting on a bike for two hours you can become really uncomfortable.

In today’s life, everyone seems to be going around in tight shirts that they’ve borrowed off their small brother.

If you’re going to sit out all night jammed into something that not fitting you properly, it’s always in the back of your mind. You might not be thinking about it, but it's there.

It’s the same with a race suit – if it’s not 100% right, you’ll know it’s not right. We try and eliminate all the problems, so they don’t upset my rhythm.

We’ve got good kit that has been developed over time, we’ve adjusted it and my suit’s becoming like a glove now. If maybe D3O develop something new, we can slip it straight in without any hassle."



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