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D3O® Ambassador Michael Dunlop is one of the biggest names in international road racing. He has a grand total of 21 Isle of Man TT wins and was the first rider to complete the world-famous, 37-mile mountain course in under 17 minutes. Read his D3O® InsideOut story. 

"We reach up to 200 mph"

"At those speeds, everything slows down. I can see everything and pick it up because I'm having to.​ That's the job.

It only takes this slight second for it all to go wrong. Life can bite you, something I've unfortunately experienced. I've broken my back, my pelvis, collarbone, shoulders, legs..."

"I like the buzz behind it"

"I like being able to find the limit without ever passing it. For me it's not that fast, but for others it's stupidity.

I can do nothing to help safety bar surround myself with the best stuff I possibly can. My helmet, my suit, my armour."

Protected by D3O®

"With D3O you get the best of both worlds - it fits you perfectly but it also provides the best protection that you can ask for. 

That's the name of the game. You have to get back up on your feet."




Protective motorcycle apparel for the track and the road


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