Founded in 2002, ICON was created for the modern performance rider who claims the streets as their preferred hunting ground.

As a company of riders, ICON understands those riders and what goes on in their minds. They have also felt the pain when the inevitable occurs. This first-hand knowledge leads inspired product design, industry-leading imagery and top-notch service.

ICON’s core mission is to protect riders whenever and however they can, knowing that reckoning day is coming for all of us. That is why D3O® is such a perfect fit.

Icon Motosports and D3O protection

D3O® is found across the full ICON product range with protectors also sold individually, including back and limb protectors certified to CE Level 1 and CE Level 2.

Hot off the press is the D3O® Vest – a motorcycle chest and back protector for street and track riders that’s light enough to wear all-year round year-round while protecting key areas including sides and coccyx. The back protector and chest are both CE certified to Level 2.

Working with D3O

Justin Knauer, General Manager at ICON: “We pretty much started up with D3O. We wanted to create an apparel brand that we ourselves would feel confident wearing.

“We did some research, and D3O® was, and still is, the best impact protection out there. I can personally vouch for D3O® having fallen on my back, and my bike on top of me, wearing our ICON 1000 leather jacket with the D3O® Viper back protector. There’s nothing more powerful than knowing first hand that it can save lives.”

“You invest in D3O, they’ll invest in you – simple as that. Their expertise ranges from product development to marketing implementation and they’re good at what they do.

“They set clear expectations while being easy-going and helpful when we need them to be. This makes your life easier when you’re a small, very hands-on team. They’re an ace team with big hearts working for a top brand. What more can you ask!”

Feedback from customers

ICON are so confident in their gear that they run a programme called “Busted & Broken” to gather feedback from riders who have had crashes wearing their protective gear and apparel.

A recent example involved the Motorhead jacket, which has D3O® impact protection in the shoulders, elbows and back.

Jack Savage, who contacted ICON following a crash, said: “The Motorhead’s armour took the impact and the leather took the grind.

“Despite the considerable hit, I had no breaks, just bruising. I still wear my Motorhead and will continue to ride in Icon.”


At D3O, we turn concepts into market-leading products. From material selection and design, through to in-house testing and full-scale production.

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