D3O® Zero™ - A Game Changing Recycled Impact Protection Material

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D3O Commits to Protecting our Planet with New Recycled Impact Protection Material: D3O® ZeroTM

D3O® ZeroTM is a Recycled Material Offering Trusted Impact Protection

D3O, the world’s leading impact protection company, today announced the launch of D3O® ZeroTM, which is created by recycling the surplus from D3O’s signature impact protection materials. Like those original D3O materials, D3O Zero will be incorporated into athletic headgear, padded gloves, and other products to offer maximum impact protection, while working towards zero waste.

“We are pleased to introduce D3O Zero, a material with the same great performance that we have always offered, but with more than 70% recycled components,” said Mostyn Thomas, general manager and CMO at D3O. “D3O is committed to social responsibility and as such, it is important that we find use for surplus D3O material to keep it out of landfills. D3O Zero is a product of our dedication to protecting not just people and products from impact, but also the environment.”

D3O Zero is compliant with the EU Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulation and meets the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). The durable, flexible, and lightweight material is suitable for a number of applications, including shoe insoles, backpacks and luggage protection, knuckle and palm padding in gloves, head protection, and body protection.

To create the material, surplus D3O material from D3O factories is ground down and mixed with new foam, and the mixture is shaped into large cylindrical bales of D3O Zero. Next, D3O skives sheets in various thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 10mm for customers, which can then be die cut or thermoformed to suit various protective applications.