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Impact Protection For Motorcycle Pants


Your legs are the basis of your stability, maneuvering and overall riding performance. D3O has developed lightweight, flexible impact protection for motorcycle pants that keeps motorcyclists safe and free to move while they’re commuting, touring, exploring off-road or racing.





Trusted by the best motorcycle apparel makers and the world’s most famous motorcyclists, CE-certified D3O-protection is used to protect the most vulnerable parts of the lower limbs in an accident. By protecting motorcyclist’s hips, knees and legs overall, D3O-protected motorcycle pants keep motorcyclists safe, comfortable and free to move on any terrain.


D3O® Motorcycle Pant Products


Motorcycling is about experiencing freedom over all types of terrain. To do this, motorcyclists need to protect their bodies, and particularly their legs, from the elements and the road or track they’re riding on. Yet they still need enough freedom to twist, turn, mount and maneuver their bike easily. 

With the help of D3O’s lightweight and flexible protection, the world's top apparel makers have developed motorcycle pants that can perform as well as motorcyclists do. From adventure touring trousers to riding chinos and jeans, motorcyclists can trust in motorcycle pants fitted with D3O® protection to keep them safe and comfortable as they ride.

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