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From stopping and parking up to keeping you stable as you ride, a motorcyclist’s feet and ankles regularly come into contact with hard surfaces and harsh conditions. To keep them safe, D3O has worked with the world's top motorcycle shoe brands to provide low-profile, unbeaten protection that keeps motorcyclists comfortable and safe. 


Unlike standard footwear, motorcycle shoes have extra reinforcement and protection built around parts of the feet that are vulnerable to impacts. D3O protection has been developed to support the ankles and feet without adding bulk or compromising a motorcyclist’s comfort. Ergonomic, lightweight and easy to integrate into boots or shoes, D3O absorbs shocks in a low-profile design.

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For motorcyclists to have the best experience on the road or over rough terrain, safety and comfort both have to take priority. This is particularly true with your feet and ankles, which are regularly in contact with harsh elements such as tarmac, dirt and gravel, exhaust fumes and wet or hot weather conditions. 

By developing impact protection that’s lightweight, ergonomic, low-profile and CE-certified, D3O helps top brands create motorcycle shoes that are both stylish and protective. D3O’s fitted ankle guards, heel inserts and strobel boards can all be easily integrated into motorcycle footwear to protect vulnerable areas of the feet and ankles without compromising motorcyclists’ rides.

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