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"The Question Is Not If, It's When"

Robin Gillon, D3O® and SCOTT Sports ambassador, gave us his take on the importance of the impact protection he wears to reduce the risk of injury. After suffering a big crash in January 2019, he understood the real-life effect of the impact protection in his SCOTT Symbol 2 Plus D helmet with integrated D3O® material, "You can't just hope that you won't hit your head. It's gonna happen, the question is not if, it's when".

"Ain't Rude, Just Deaf"

Born severely deaf, Robin has never had it easy. As he defines himself: "I ain’t rude, I’m deaf."

Robin has had to overcome many obstacles due to his hearing – none more so than in his skiing career. “Skiing has given me everything that I know today. By the time I was 24, I was lucky enough to travel over 23 countries, competed in 12 World Cups, 2 World Championships and live many more unbelievable experiences I would have never imagined possible as a severely deaf kid getting bullied at school.”

Ranked in the top five skiers in the European Cup and ranked in the top 50 overall in the World Pro Tour; Robin has clearly learned how to get back up, dust himself off, keep going and not be afraid.

"D3O® is an Absolute Must"

Having D3O® in his helmet is even more critical for Robin due to his hearing issues. “D3O® is an absolute must as I don’t have much hearing left. Concussions could potentially ruin the rest of my life, a risk I’m not willing to take – that’s why I wear D3O®.” “It’s an honor for me to be a D3O® ambassador. My sport is fast, and precision is more fundamental than ever, so I rely on D3O® to provide the technologically advanced impact protection that I need to stay safe and mitigate the risk of head trauma and the consequences that would have on my remaining hearing. My SCOTT helmet with D3O® gives me the confidence I need when going into freestyle jumps to focus my mind and make the most of each run.”

Protected by D3O®

Protected by D3O® and SCOTT Sports, Robin is able to push his limits every time he hits the slopes.


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