Michael Dunlop, who announced his return to racing on Thursday 24 January, has gone on to confirm his ongoing partnership with D3O® in providing him with world-class impact protection as part of his new Furygan race suit.

Furygan and D3O have together worked to provide Michael with all-round protection since 2013, with D3O becoming a formal sponsor in 2017, and collaborated throughout to ensure the best in both racer and everyday rider protection.

“My goal is just to win” says Michael, “whatever I wear needs to help me do that, or at least not stop me from doing it, and D3O and Furygan have done right by me. They’ve protected me and they continue to set the standard. With that in mind my objective now is to focus on what’s to come – the Isle of Man TT, the British Superbike Championship bike series, North West 200, Donegal Rally, Goodwood Festival, Southern 100, Ulster Grand Prix and Classic TT.”

D3O, the world’s number one impact protection brand, continues to prove its worth and was recently a common denominator in three ISPO award-winning products, one of which constitutes the most advanced, breathable protective armour for motorcycle riding in all conditions, certified to the highest level of impact protection.

The D3O® LP2 Pro protectors are up to 48% more protective than the CE Level 2 standard requires, and they also offer the same breathability advantages to riders as D3O® LP1, their Level 1 equivalent, which provide 45% improved breathability in comparison to other limb protectors.

The partnership between Furygan and D3O aims at optimising rider comfort on the road, including at the highest speeds. With the Isle of Man TT averaging road speeds of 134 miles per hour, every protector is carefully selected, every inch of the garment carefully designed to measure, and every stitch applied to ensure a second-skin feel to the suit and minimise the risks associated with losses in concentration.

Both companies centralise their activities, D3O in London and Furygan in Nimes, to ensure design, materials, supply chain, testing and quality are fully integrated. Both also have a history thoroughly engrained in the motorcycle racing world, with garments tried and tested by the world’s best, including Moto GP star Johann Zarco.

“Crashes are part of the product development process, with garments that have been crashed in forming a key part of initial development briefs” says David Robert, Marketing Communications and Racing Manager for Furygan.

Protectors are tested within D3O and Furygan’s own facilities in addition to independent testing for impact protection, tear, cut, and abrasion resistance.

Michael will wear a Furygan race suit made out of the same high-quality leather as its everyday range, with a new ergonomic design and integrated protection, including D3O® LP2 Pro shoulder, elbow and knee protectors, the Full Back Fury back protector, a new chest protector and a coccyx protector, all made of D3O® material, in addition to an all-new airbag system. “The suit is to pave the way for our upcoming 2019 launches,” adds David.

D3O’s Motorsport Business Development Manager Richard Harfoot, who works with Furygan on a day-to-day basis as part of his role, acknowledges the stakes. “They’re high,” he says, “but if Michael’s put his mind to something, he’ll do it, and it’s our job to empower him to do whatever ‘it’ is as easily and safely as possible. And we’re talking races that can reach speeds over 200mph.

“You have to have the right mindset to do it, and you have to have the right mindset to make the gear that allows you to do it. With this in mind, our job is to help keep him protected, focused and give him the freedom to be his best out there.”

About D3O

D3O is a fast growth engineering, design and technology company, with offices in the UK, US and China. A collective of engineers, chemists, product designers and industry experts, D3O partners with world-class brands including Furygan, 3M, Schutt Sports and Under Armour.

From body protection for professional athletes and motorcyclists to precision safety equipment for industrial workers to combat helmets for soldiers – D3O protects what matters.


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