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Choosing a motorcycle jacket with armor is one of the best ways to stay safe while out on your bike. World-renowned motorcycle racers choose armored motorcycle jackets fitted with D3O- impact protection. Available in a range of materials, designs, weights, and levels of protection, no biker should be hitting the road without first securing themselves a top-notch jacket with D3O-impact protection.




D3O® impact protection is ideal for armored motorcycle jackets. Soft and flexible, it doesn’t hinder movement, but stiffens on impact to disperse the impact force and protect vulnerable areas of the body. 

Motorcycle impact protection from D3O is CE and UKCA certified, and available in Level 1 and Level 2 protection, so no matter what kind of riding you’re doing, you know you’re safe and secure. Armored motorcycle jackets can feature protection around the shoulders, elbows, back and chest. Choose a motorcycle jacket with D3O included or upgrade your armor to D3O to cover all your safety needs.

D3O® Armor for Motorcycle Jackets


Motorcycle jackets are often seen as one of the more stylish components of a biker’s attire, with their influence being seen in fashion across the decades. However, it’s essential for bikers that their jacket delivers on safety and protection first, and style second. Choosing a D3O® protected motorcycle jacket ensures you don’t have to compromise on either, keeping you safe no matter what discipline you ride.

D3O® impact protection comes in several options, including ultra-breathable LP1, Level 2 LP2 Pro, and fit-and-forget Ghost armor. Our unique materials, technologies and designs  enable soft, flexible, and breathable armor, making D3O the impact protection of choice for motorcycle apparel makers. Find your ideal armored motorcycle jacket fitted with D3O®.


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