Remy Absalon is a member of the SCOTT SR Suntour Enduro Team and wears SCOTT Soldier II Knee Pads featuring D3O® technology during competition races.

We caught up with the French rider to talk about this year’s Enduro World Series, new equipment and tips on improving your speed on two wheels.

D3O: Remy, thanks for taking the time to catch up with us now you’re back in France. It’s been a busy few weeks for you and your team?

Remy: Yes, we were in New Zealand and Tasmania for Rounds 1 and 2 of the Enduro World Series and we came back here a week ago. We’re now in Les Vosges where we live for a few weeks.

Remy Absalon wearing D3O impact protection during Round 2 of the Enduro World Series in Tasmania

D3O: Is there still a lot of training to be done when you’re back home?

Remy: I had a bit of rest first, after the two World Series rounds, and now I’m back in training for the next race in Madeira. May and June are looking pretty busy with lots of racing. This year I’m organising an Enduro race for the first weekend of June and I also run Enduro camps throughout the year where I do a bit of guiding.

D3O: Has it been a tough start to the season? There was quite a lot of rain around during Rounds 1 and 2.

Remy: Definitely. The first four races I’ve done in 2017 were affected by rain and storms. It was like being in the shower at times. I’m hoping for some sun now. The first round in New Zealand was very tough, very hard to ride. We started after the women and the track was pretty messed up. It was hard to be as fast as the guys who started first, but you have to deal with it.

D3O: What can we expect from Round 3 in Madeira? What sort of track is it?

Remy: Well, I’m better when it’s a longer run and the first two rounds were very short. It’s cool to have different kinds of races, but this year the series is more on small hills than big mountains. We’re hoping Madeira will be longer as it seems to be a big mountain, a big volcano, so I’m hoping it’ll be a longer stage, a real Enduro, with not so much rain. I’ve never been there, so let’s see. It could be nice.

D3O: You’re also planning to ride a new bike this season?

Remy: Yes, I have the same Enduro bike, but I have a new Scott Spark Plus. It’s very cool and works very well. It’s smaller so I can’t use it during a lot of the races, but I’m enjoying riding on it. There’s also a new Scott Genius on the way, so I’ll also have a new Enduro bike in June. I’m looking forward to getting that and testing it.

D3O-sponsored rider Remy Absalon racing in wet conditions in New Zealand
D3O: You’re wearing the new SCOTT Soldier II Knee Pads featuring D3O® technology. How have you found them?

Remy: They’re very cool, a bit smaller and very comfortable which is important. For example, in Rotorua and Tasmania we were on our bikes for more than 60km. You need your knee pads to be working well and this is the case with these ones. Also, the D3O means that I’m protected and it’s really good to have it. In conditions like we saw in the first two rounds, you’ve got your kneepads on your knees all day, but for me it was not a problem. It was comfortable, you can pedal easily, so I was pretty happy.

D3O: Does having the right kit make it easier for you to focus on the racing?

Remy: Yes, in Enduro you have to think about lots of things. Before each stage, you have to look at things on Google, do a lot of different stuff. It’s better to have fewer problems and there have been no problems with the kneepads. That makes it easier to race and then to focus on the next stage.

D3O: You’ve been using D3O for a while now. What are your thoughts about the materials and what they can do?

Remy: It’s very good. It’s light, comfortable and you’re very well protected, which is the most important thing for sure. In Enduro, you have to be well protected as the stages can be quite rough. That said, it needs to be light and comfortable as it is a long day on the bike, pedalling and climbing by yourself. For our discipline, I think D3O is a revolution.

D3O: Just finally, lots of our followers on social media are interested in mountain biking. What advice can you give to help them keep improving and get faster?

Remy: To go faster, you need to ride quite often and not go as fast as possible in the first ride of the season. You need to be in control, so get used to riding and go step-by-step. The most important thing is to have pleasure on the bike. When you’re happy on the bike, you go faster. The last point would be to stay protected. If you want to evolve and be faster, it’s important to have safety equipment like kneepads, a helmet, a back protector.

D3O: Thanks Remy. Best of luck for Round 3 in Madeira!

Remy: No problem, it’s a pleasure.