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D3O® have signed a new partnership with the Honda Racing RedMoto World Enduro Team as the pro riding team’s official protection partner.

D3O® and SCOTT Sports will be proudly supplying the Honda RedMoto team with their latest protective gear for the 2020 FIM Enduro World Championship season. SCOTT and D3O have been working together to develop world class products for winter sports, MTB and MTC for 10 years. The latest jointly developed products from the D3O and SCOTT partnership will offer this team of riders the best combination of protection, comfort and breathability.

Honda Racing RedMoto World Enduro Team Riders

Rider: Danny McCanney
From: UK
Class: E2 World EnduroGP Championship
Bike: Honda RedMoto CRF450RX Enduro

Rider: Thomas Oldrati
From: Italy
Class: E1 World EnduroGP Championship
Bike: Honda RedMoto CRF250RX Enduro

“We have tested the new SCOTT gear, and we are so happy to continue the partnership with this brand. Regardless of your riding experience, safety is always a priority. The all-new D3O® body armor is the perfect protection for our races” - Thomas Oldrati

Rider: Roni Kytonen
From: Finland
Class: Junior World EnduroGP Championship
Bike: Honda RedMoto CRF 250RX Enduro

“The partnership between RedMoto and SCOTT enables us to have some of the best equipment ever. Safety and fit all in one product.” - Roni Kytonen

"Safety doesn’t compromise the rider's performance.”

“Honda Racing RedMoto is extremely proud to collaborate with such a prestigious brand as SCOTT, one of the most important equipment suppliers in sport and motorcycles. For Honda Racing RedMoto and our riders it is very important to have the right equipment for Enduro races, for the safety of our team and to achieve the best results. With the new D3O® body armor, safety doesn’t compromise the rider's performance.” - Matteo Boffelli, Team Manager.

Featured SCOTT Sports Products Using D3O®

The Honda Racing RedMoto World Enduro Team riders will be the first in the world to compete in D3O and SCOTT’s brand-new, next-generation Softcon Air line of protection products. Developed in partnership with D3O, Scott’s custom collection puts the focus on comfort, ventilation and safety. The state-of-the-art D3O® plate design uses SCOTT's exclusive AirFlex technology, which provides fully certified levels of safety and maximum freedom of movement, while simultaneously increasing airflow to the body. This makes it the perfect choice for the unpredictable and challenging terrain found on the FIM Enduro World Championship circuit. Currently exclusive to pro riders, the full protection line will be available to the public later in 2020.