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Gear4 is the Number 1 phone case brand in the UK with a rapidly growing market share in North America.

All Gear4 cases are made with D3O® impact technology, ensuring there is no better case available to keep your device protected. D3O® impact protection is also used and trusted to protect motorcyclists, professional athletes and even the military.

Gear4 cases are slim, light, designed to British standards and will suit every taste, giving you the very best protection for the devices you can’t (and shouldn’t have to) live without.

Gear 4 - Cases


Gear4’s Hackney Samsung ranges cases are made from new D3O® 5G Signal Plus™ technology, its latest material development engineered for optimal 5G connection.

D3O with 5G Signal Plus™ Technology utilizes microvoids to allow 5G signal to pass through successfully, with no compromise on drop protection.


Gear4’s iPhone and Samsung ranges include cases made from new D3O® Crystalex™, the most protective transparent material for phone cases.

D3O® Crystalex™ is naturally non-yellowing, offers crystal clear transparency and outstanding impact protection, meaning you get a slim case that won’t let you down if you drop your phone.


“If you prefer not to hide your phone away then Gear4’s Crystal Palace case is ideal. This clear cover lets you show off your flash new handset, while still ensuring it can be wirelessly charged.”
Good Housekeeping

“The clear case of the new Crystal Palace offers something a little bit different... The crystal-clear clarity of the case ensures that no matter what colour iPhone you choose, you can still show off the design.”
What Mobile

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