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InvisibleShield is the original category creator of mobile screen protection and part of the ZAGG portfolio of brands which also includes D3O partner Gear4.

The InvisibleShield screen protection range now includes D3O® impact protection for the first time, providing next generation screen protection technology in its GlassFusion line. GlassFusion is a hybrid glass material making for screen protectors with superior impact absorption and shatterproof qualities while delivering optimum clarity and a smooth feel. A unique patented D3O® Impact Additive is integrated to strengthen the hybrid glass, providing a 20% increase in drop protection equating to 6 feet.  Even with the powerful D3O® Impact Additive, GlassFusion retains its high-definition clarity and thinness so your screen protection looks just like your phone’s original screen.

InvisibleShield GlassFusion with D3O and InvisibleShield GlassFusion VisionGuard with D3O are available now for Samsung 2021 devices. Combined with a Gear4 case, you can benefit from market-leading 360° D3O protection for your phone.